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Cybercrime Bill Pakistan – Complete Details ( PDF )

Cybercrime Bill Pakistan

On April 16 2015, the National Assembly IT Standing Committee passed Version 4 of the draft of the Pakistan Electronic Cybercrime Bill Pakistan. The current revision of the bill, now known as the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill Pakistan , is linked below. Post-2014, the consultation process was undertaken behind closed doors without the necessary public oversight and consultation from ...

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PTA Sim verification times up !!!

Sim verification

Sim verification process is over by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Monday announced that more than 80 million SIMs have been verified through biometric process. PTA announced that the biometric verification process of SIMs was completed on last date today (April 12). Authorities said over 25 million unverified SIMs will now be blocked. Sim verification  Stats are provided by PTA ...

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PTA Hypocrisy? Youtube NO, Dailymotion Adult Videos Yes


PTA ( Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ) has blocked most of the VPN services to access Youtube or other explicit websites, Chrome extension Zenmate which worked previously is no longer operational. However there are still some VPNs working on Android Smartphones. So PTA is being double standard when it comes to blocking the sites. Mobilink Network gives you full access to ...

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OGRA to determine LNG price monthly without public hearing


ISLAMABAD : The Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet (ECC) here on Thursday decided that Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) would determine the price of LNG on monthly basis without going through the process of public hearing and OGRA rules would be accordingly amended. The ECC in its meeting chaired by Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar here on Thursday ...

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FATA & KP journalists Demand release of journalist, detained by security forces


A meeting at Bannu Press club with Selab Mehsud (Founder of Tribal Union Journalist) in chair and well attend by South,North Waziristan, FR Tank and Bannu Journalists held here on Monday. The meeting was convened regarding the arrest of  Nasru Minallah, an Express media Group Reporter from FATA North Waziristan agency. He was detained by security forces on 31 March from ...

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