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KARACHI: Awami National Party ( ANP )  Sindh chapter president Senator Shahi Syed has offered law enforcement agencies that they can inform his party if any member of his party is wanted by them in order to hand over such elements to law enforcers.

Addressing a press conference at his residence Mardan House on Wednesday, Shahi Syed said that he was making this offer because after the Rangers raid on MQM headquarters Nine Zero it had been repeatedly demanded by the MQM chief that raids were also carried out on the Mardan House and an action against an alleged armed wing of the ANP was carried out.

Welcoming these statements, Mr Syed said that it was the ANP which had demanded before any other party to hand over Karachi to the army and cleanse the city of weapons.

He said he had also tabled a resolution in Senate and got it passed through it to dewaponise the city.

He said during the last tenure of the PPP government when the ANP was part of the government in the centre and provinces, on the night of April 1st in 2012 the Rangers carried out a raid on ANP office Bacha Khan Markaz, but instead of staging a protest the party welcomed the raid while on the other hand the MQM was continuously calling for action against his party.

He said the solution to restore peace to Karachi was presented by the apex court and it presented four proposals— holding of fresh census and fair elections, depoliticise the police force, cleanse the city of all sorts of weapons and elimination of the armed wings of political parties.

Mr Syed said that the ongoing operation should continue without any discrimination.

Published in Dawn, March 19th, 2015

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Rangers raid Nine Zero

Rangers raid Nine Zero Rangers carry raid at MQM HQ 90, Rangers claim large cache of illegal weapons recovered and several criminals arrested.. #Karachi

Ranger’s Raid in early morning on Nine Zero in which around 20 MQM workers arrested including Amir Khan held in custody.

Automatic weapons, mostly NATO supply’s snatched / stolen weapon recovered, Prohibited.

Karachi , Hyderabad , Sukkur  , Nawab Shah , Mirpurkhan and other cities across Sindh are closed, where angry MQM workers are protesting.

In Azizabad , Waqas Ali Shah MQM Worker shot dead and PTV and Express News Cameraman injured at NineZero .

Private Schools Management Association (Karachi)  Immidiate Notice:  All Schools To Be Closed Down.

Papers canceled, schools closed in ‪#‎Karachi‬ today due to current prevailing situation .

Aerial firing by rangers at Mukka Chowk by arynews


Rangers recovered Wireless devices , Automatic weapons from Nine Zero

nine zero

Screenshot_121 Screenshot_122

Earlier INCPak Tweets


Transport and businesses shut in various areas of the city after Rangers raid at Mqm HQ 90 in #Karachi.

‪#‎NawabShah‬ Closed , ‪#‎MQM‬ Workers protesting , Aerial firing in various areas , Petrol Pumps closed.

‪#‎ExpressTV‬ cameraman Waseem Mughal injured due to firing at 90‪#‎MQM‬ HQ. ‪#‎Karachi‬

Aerial firing in different parts of ‪#‎Sukkur‬, including Nawa Goth & Jinnah Chowk areas

‪#‎Hyderbad‬ City is being closed, ‪#‎MQM‬ is protesting, Firing heard in several areas.

‪#‎Mirpurkhans‬ Shops are closed , gun fires heard in several areas‪#‎NineZeroRaid‬

Rangers and Police deployment , patrolling continues in key parts of‪#‎Karachi‬

Rangers said on Ninezero and later on Altaf Hussain’s Sister Saira Begum’s resident .

Rangers Spokesman Colonel Tahir, while talking to the media, said arms and ammunition stolen from NATO containers were recovered during the search operation. He said that during the course of the search operation, weapons whose import had been banned in the country were recovered from the Nine-Zero premises.

He disclosed that dozens of suspected party workers had been arrested during the raid, adding that not even a single MPA or MNA of MQM was detained. He however, confirmed that MQM Rabita Committee member Amir Khan had been picked up for questioning regarding the criminals that had been apprehended from Nine Zero. He stated that Amir Khan will be asked to explain as to why these criminal elements were being sheltered at Nine Zero.

He said the raid was conducted after information of the presence of several convicted criminals was received.

“Investigation will be conducted and results will be shared with the media”, he added.

Colonel Tahir appealed to transporters and traders to carry on their routine work.

Rangers raid Nine Zero


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#NineZero Raid , Karachi updates :

– 1030 AM                         Malir Railway Crossing closed – Traffic Jam

– 1035 AM                         Abbasi Shaheed Hospital’s OPD  / Emergency has been closed.

– 1037 AM                        MQM workers protesting at Nine Zero against Ranger’s Raid earlier this morning

– 1038 AM                        CNG , Petrol , Shops are closed , Avoid getting out, Sensitive situation across the city , Rangers and Police Patrolling.

– 1046 AM                          M.A. Jinnah Road blocked for traffic. After firing on Police vehicle #karachi

– 1047 AM                          Schools are closed – Markets Closed

– 1050 AM                          Rangers raid Nine Zero

– 1055 AM                   Unidentified men have closed road leading to National Highway

– 1100 AM                   PM Nawaz Sharif leaves Islamabad for #Karachi on day long visit  .

– 1115 AM                   AIG Police Ghulam Qadir Thebo

Rangers raid Nine Zero

– 1118 AM              MQM says we have no plan to meet Prime Minister Nawaz on his visit to Karachi.

– 1122 AM              ایشا منزل پر مشتعل خواتیں کا احتیجاج ، ٹائر نظر آتَش . شارح پاکستان اور نیشنل ہائی وے پر ٹریفک

– 1125 AM              Court receives application of death warrants of Saulat Mirza  , currently held in MACH JAIL .  #Hang #ATC


– 1130 AM        گورنر سندھ نے وزیر نثار سے رابطہ کیا ہے – Governor Sindh contacts Interior Minister Choudary Nisar

- 1135 AM         MQM says ” Over 100 workers has taken into custody by Rangers ”  

– 1137 AM         #KARACHI NOW



MQM Workers protesting on Streets of Karachi , Burning Tires …

1145 AM          This is how MQM protests in Karachi

Screenshot_96 Screenshot_97 Screenshot_98 Screenshot_99 Screenshot_101

-1200 PM          MQM Protesters and Rangers  ” Face to Face ” #Malir area .  o.O


– 1200 PM                Rangers beaten SAAMA CamaraMan  :@

– 1210 PM                Faisal Mutta  Farhan Mulla and Nadir Convicted arrested Involved in Wali Babar Khan case

Faisal Mutta

– 1215 PM                  کراچی : گلستان جوہر میں گری کو آگ لگادی گئی .
شہر کی تمام کاروباری مارکیٹس بند .

– 1220 PM     Babar Ghauri: We demand inquiry who ordered this raid on #MQM office, death of party worker, and injury of news cameraman

– 1222 PM     Rangers denies that it did not shot MQM Worker, Rangers does not use TT .32 bore pistol


– 1222 PM     #‎MQM‬ says we haven’t called for a strike just a peaceful protest – Rangers are victimization with Muhajir kids and threaten them that they will be charged with Anti Terrorism charges. Rangers are the judges , Jury by themselves .  MQM Spokeperson says .

– 1230 PM            Faisal Mota ( Mutta ) Clear Pic ” In Rangers Custody ”

Faisal Mota

– 1245 AM        #MQM leader Babar Ghauri thanks fellow senators for walking out of upper house in protest

– 1246 AM        Saulat Mirza’s death black warrant issued , 19th march early morning will be hanged. #ATC

Saulat Mirza

Saulat Mirza

 – 0100 PM        Altaf Hussain addressing MQM Workers in Karachi / Hyderabad . Live from London 

–  0115 PM        Human rights activists must raise voice against violation of basic rights:  #MQM chief Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain says when Rangers raid any house, use such an abusive language which cannot be described here .  My elder sister’s residence was raided by Rangers. – Altaf Hussain

I want to ask the Rangers, don’t they have sisters? – Altaf Hussain #NineZero

– 0140  PM          ‪#‎Karachi‬ Rangers at Al Karam square … Snap checking underway.

– 0145 PM           Prime Minister arrives #Karachi.

#INCPak will keep you updated. –


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KARACHI: In a targeted operation early Wednesday morning, Rangers forces carried out a raid at Nine-Zero, the headquarters of the ( MQM )  Muttahida Qaumi Movement in Karachi, with the party claiming that several leaders had been arrested.

Rangers’ raid at MQM’s Headquarters Nine Zero, arms and ammo recovered, several held, Several MQM workers including Rehan Zafar, Abdul Haseeb held after Rangers’ raid at MQM’s Headquarters Nine Zero .

MQM leaders claimed Rangers forces conducted a “siege and search operation” at the MQM headquarters, and had arrested several leaders of the political party.

In a statement issued hours after the start of the operation, the MQM’s Raabta Committee said Rangers personnel had forcefully raided and ransacked the MQM’s head office.

The party said that several members had been arrested, including central leaders Amir Khan, Abdul Haseeb, Dr Saleem Danish, Arshad Hussain, Dr Ayub Sheikh, and Sindh Assembly lawmaker Rehan Zafar.



MQM to observe ‘peaceful day of protest’


The party announced that it would observe a “day of peaceful protest” on Wednesday, and urged transporters and traders to keep their businesses and commercial activities suspended.

The Raabta Committee also urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take immediate notice of the incident.

Speaking to Geo News earlier, MQM leader Farooq Sattar said that such an operation at a political party’s head office was “inappropriate and beyond understanding”.

“MQM has itself always maintained its policy of zero tolerance against crime and terrorism, and it has always offered to cooperate,” he said.

Sattar said such actions were “perplexing” and were meant to “push a peaceful political party against the wall”.

 The MQM leader confirmed that all roads leading to Nine-Zero had been sealed off.

 Sattar further claimed that such actions by the Rangers force were meant to “sabotage the national consensus”.

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Nilofar Updates : The Cyclone Nilofar has change over past 24 hours, previously it was severe one but today, in the satellite images it can be seen that, now the it has lost the pace as it makes toward Sindh, Pakistan.

Nilofer Cyclone Update: If you are in Karachi, NO NEED TO PANIC at this stage – Karachi is off from the path that is currently projected, please expect rain and stronger than normal winds, but NOTHING SEVERE.

The good news is, that the International Typhoon Alert Center predicts that Cyclone Nilofer will start losing force from tomorrow. The image attached shows the declining wind speed and ferocity. When it makes land fall, average wind speed at the epicenter is expected to be 25 knots (around 55 Km).

Absolutely NO NEED TO PANIC at this stage!

Karachi’s weather

Karachi weather


Pakistan Meteorologist Department issues statement

Severe Tropical Cyclone (Nilofar) in Arabian Sea has weakened rapidly and converted into a “Cyclonic Storm” and now located at Lat. 20.4°N and Long. 64.6°E, about 560 km in southwest of Karachi.

The Cyclonic Storm would continue to move north-eastward with a speed of 12 km/hour in next 24 hours.  At present the estimated central pressure of Cyclonic Storm is 996 hpa and the average sustained wind speed around is 45-50 Knots gusting up to 55 Knots.  The Cyclonic Storm is likely to further weaken into a Depression over the water in Northeast Arabian Sea near the coast of Lower Sindh (Thattah) and Indian Gujrat on Friday evening/night.

Under the influence of this Cyclonic Storm, widespread rain/thundershowers with isolated heavy falls accompanied by strong gusty winds are expected in Lower Sindh and the adjoining coast of Lasbella from tonight till Saturday. The sea conditions along Pakistan coast are likely to remain rough to very rough on Friday/Saturday. The fishermen of Sindh and Balochistan are advised not to venture in the sea on Friday/Saturday.

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Karachi: Cyclone Nilofar, building in the Arabian Sea, is due to hit India’s Gujarat state and Pakistan’s southern coastal areas on Friday morning, media reported.

The coastal belt of the city will be closed from Monday night as a precautionary measure for Tropical Storm Nilofar.

Police said the coastal belt will be closed for two days. Police have also ordered to close all restaurants located on the coastal belt.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has warned local agencies to take precautionary measures ahead of the cyclone.

Fishermen have been advised not to venture into the open sea from Wednesday to Friday, and those already at sea have been told to come back to shore.

“We have instructed our provincial chapter to warn fishermen that they should refrain from fishing in the sea for few coming days,” NDMA spokeman Ahmed Kamal told International News Agency.