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New Gadget Turns Wi-Fi into Battery Life


Being stuck without a phone charger may soon be a problem of the past thanks to a group of engineering students who have invented a device that can turn Wi-Fi signals into electrical current. Thanks to the two students from the Duke Pratt School of Engineering, you may soon be able to charge your phone, laptop and other small mobile ...

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PTCL Smart TV Android Application


PTCL introduced their Smart TV Android application for the android phone users who are using Smart TV services from PTCL. Last time we provided a way to watch smart tv channels on android phone using MX player and watching it by using the channels list which was a little complex way of watching and the quality was also not upto ...

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Samsung caught cheating artificially boosting benchmark for Note 3

samsung galaxy note 3

Samsung got caught artificially boosting their benchmark results again, this time for the new Galaxy Note 3. An in depth report by Ars Technica explores how Samsung utilises special code in its operating system to identify when benchmarking apps are running and boost CPU speeds accordingly in order to achieve higher scores. Benchmarking is useful in providing an idea of a phone or tablet’s ...

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Would you spend 16k for Nokia 515 ?

Nokia 515

The newly-announced Nokia 515 handset, which runs the company’s Series 40 software, emphasises why there’s still life in the more modest of mobile devices. The sleek, one piece anodised aluminium device features an old-school alphanumeric keyboard and Corning Gorilla Glass 2 for those still adverse to touchscreen smartphone devices. Thankfully, Series 40 isn’t completely devoid of smartphone-style apps. The Nokia ...

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Microsoft Surface 2 release Date, Specification and Price


Microsoft has announced the second generation of its Surface RT tablet, simply called the Surface 2. It now boasts a full HD screen, features updated internals, and has a new two-stage kickstand aimed to make it easier to use on your lap.  The biggest upgrade on the Surface 2 tablet is its new 1080p display. With a resolution of 1920×1080, it’s a ...

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