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The buzzing steering wheel that could help save lives

steering wheel

A shaking steering wheel could soon be used to remind distracted motorists to keep their eyes on the road. A British company has designed cockpit cameras that read drivers’ expressions in order to detect whether they might be drifting off while behind the wheel. Experts based at ARM Holdings in Cambridge, which have come up with the technology, say the ...

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Mi Fone mi A500 Rom for QMobile i9 and QMobile Noir i12

Mi Fone

Once again Syed Ahmed Ali Shah comes up with double treat, Mi Fone Mi A500 Rom for Qmobile Noir i9 and QMobile Noir i12, successful ported on both devices and no bugs reported, Check out the screenshots slide show. Double treat always sounds cool, INCPak Trends same rom for multiple devices, let us know what do you think about this ...

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Top 20 Essential Apps for Android Smartphones

20 Essential Apps

Bought new Smartphone? Or Forgot which apps are important to download. Now don’t worry here’s The Top 20 Essential apps for Android Smartphone, INCPak is helping you download app these apps without accessing Google Play Store, something users are unable to access Google Play Store ( GPS ) so Alternative links are provided with all the essential apps which you ...

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Cyanogenmod 11 Rom for QMobile Noir i9

cyanogenmod 11

Finally CM 11 aka Cyanogenmod 11 Rom for Qmobile has been successfully ported by INCPak Team member, after this Syed Ahmed Ali Shah enters in Hall of Fame The Fastest Rom Porter in the world, Only INCPak Team mates knows the furious speed of Ahmed Ali Shah Sahab. QMobile Noir i9 gets CM 11 but there’s one issue, Only ¬†One ...

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Double Treat – Star Os for Qmobile Noir i9 and Qmobile Noir i12

Star Os for Qmobile Noir i9 and Qmobile Noir i12

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah has successfully ported Star Os for Qmobile Noir i9 and Qmobile Noir i12, Double Treat ! Yes just like oldtimes, Back in 2013 we were the first one who came up with same rom for two different platforms, this time Shah Sahab has done the same. The Shared Screenshots are from QMobile Noir i9 however the ...

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