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US shutdown Barack Obama warnings


US President Barack Obama has warned that Wall Street should be concerned that a conservative faction of Republicans is willing to allow the country to default on its debt. The US government has partially closed after Congress failed to agree a budget and will run out of cash on 17 October unless its debt ceiling is raised. The US government ... Read More »

US government’s first partial shutdown in 17 years – Exclusive Video


Millions of Americans learn’t on Tuesday what President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare law actually means for them, as the administration opens new insurance marketplaces in 50 states despite a government shutdown. Where Senate refuses the budget over 80,000 Employees will not get salaries this month. The launch marks a milestone for Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement, which aims to provide subsidised ... Read More »

Geo – Jang Group Requested 3 Million Dollars from US – Documents Leaked


This is LEAKED Document from Mir Khalil ur Rahman Foundation ( I.I Chandigarh which is the governing NGO of Jang / Geo Group). This Document was Submitted to the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL), United States Department of State on 30th June 2013 for Access to Justice: Media Campaign – “A Proposal to change judiciary according to ... Read More »

100,000 applied to leave Earth forever to live on Mars


Huge numbers of people on Earth are keen to leave the planet forever and seek a new life homesteading on Mars. About 100,000 people have applied to become Red Planet colonists with the nonprofit organization Mars One since its application process opened on April 22, officials announced Tuesday. Mars One aims to land four people on the Red Planet in 2023 as the ... Read More »

Megaupload’s Site warns NZ against complying with U.S. spying


As revelations of U.S. spying shed more light on a Washington-led intelligence-sharing alliance, a victim of illegal spying by member nation New Zealand on Wednesday warned against following the United States into “the dark ages of spying”. Kim Dotcom, founder of online storage company Megaupload, was monitored by New Zealand’s spy agency for U.S. authorities. He told a parliamentary hearing ... Read More »

International concern over Egypt clashes

Mideast Egypt

The US state department urged Egypt’s leaders to put a stop to the violence. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for demonstrators to be protected. The army removed Mr Morsi on Wednesday following protests by millions. Pro-Morsi protesters were gathering on Saturday in Cairo’s Nasr City area. The ousted Islamist president’s opponents have called for demonstrations against the Muslim Brotherhood, to which ... Read More »

Highest Gold consumption in China 2013 !


Shanghai: China gold consumption will exceeds 1000 tonnes for the year 2013, reaching 800 tonnes in the first half, state-owned China NationaL Gold. Some question arises at this point : Why China is accumulation so much Gold? Does China wants to back Yuan with gold and turn it into global currency ? Does china want to replace U.S dollar with the Yuan ... Read More »

Gay marriage gets big boost in two Supreme Court rulings

Married couple Bill Hacket, 53, and Thom Uber hold hands in West Hollywood

The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a landmark victory for gay rights on Wednesday by forcing the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages in states where it is legal and paving the way for it in California, the most populous state. As expected, however, the court fell short of a broader ruling endorsing a fundamental right for gay people to marry, ... Read More »

Whats App could be blocked in Saudi Arabia !


Saudi Arabia Could ban internet based communication tool Whats App with in weeks if the U.S based company fails to meet the the requirements set by the kingdom’s telecom regulator. Whats App services would be blocked before the holy month of Ramadan which is expected to start on July 9. This month the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) banned Viber, another such ... Read More »

Kerry to visit Pakistan this month


ISLAMABAD - United States (US) Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Pakistan this month for the first time since taking office, the Foreign Office (FO) said on Thursday. “US Secretary of State John Kerry will be visiting Pakistan in the last week of June,” FO spokesman Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry said in a weekly press briefing. He said specific dates of Kerry’s ... Read More »