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Assam violence

Assam violence Probe into the killing of 30 civilians in the Assam`s Bodo-majority districts was handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Saturday as 22 people were arrested in connection with the violence.

Assam Violence


Who is Responsible for Assam Violence ?

Abdur Rahim: Amaat-e-Islami-Hind Assam condemns the killing of Innocent Muslims at BTAD. Jamaat believes that it is a communal and political killing.

It appeals to the people of Assam to work for brotherhood and peace.

It appeals to the Bodo people to stand together against terrorism.

It appeals to muslims to maintain peace and not choose the path of violence. It put demands to govt. to help the victims financialy.

It appeals to the government to take all measures to stop more killings.

Seize all unauthorised weapon. And make society free of violence and illegal weapon.

It appeals to govt. to handover the case to CBI.

A political blame game over the Assam violence erupted on Saturday with BJP faulting “vote- bank” politics of Congress governments at the Centre and the state and the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference holding Narendra Modi responsible.

Against the backdrop of the violence in Bodo areas that left 32 people dead since Thursday, senior Congress leader and Union Minister Kapil Sibal took a swipe at Narendra Modi, saying Modi stands for ‘Model of Dividing India’ and accused BJP leaders of playing the “communal card” to garner votes.

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on his part asked BJP not to politicise the situation and said his track record in maintaining law and order was better than BJP-ruled Gujarat.

“It is my charge that in Assam what is happening is because of the vote-bank politics of Congress,” BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad alleged at a news conference in Delhi.

Prasad alleged that the Congress had not taken adequate timely steps to prevent the riots after two similar episodes earlier.

He also questioned Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who represents Assam in the Rajya Sabha, as to what he had done in the last 10 years to ensure effective law and order in the state which has seen repeated incidents of clashes between Bodos and immigrant Bangladeshis.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah blamed Modi, the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate, for the violence.

“In Assam, 30 Muslims were murdered. Why?

Because BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi made a speech there and tried to incite people against Muslims. This is a fact. This truth cannot be denied,” Omar told an election rally at Tangmarg in Baramulla Lok Sabha constituency.

Omar said that Modi, in his election rally in Assam three days earlier, had branded all Muslims living in that state as “Bangladeshis”, which resulted in the attacks on them.

“Three days earlier, he (Modi) went there and branded all Muslims as Bangladeshis and today 30 Muslims have been put to sleep in the grave,” he added.

Prasad attacked Sibal and Abdullah for targeting Modi over the violence and said such allegations are unfounded and baseless.

On Abdullah’s remarks, he said, “I think Omar Abdullah is not being taken seriously even by the people of his own state.

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KARACHI: At least seven people including a policeman were killed in different parts of the city on Sunday.

Two friends were gunned down on the New MA Jinnah street on Sunday evidently in yet another sectarian strike in Karachi.

Mudabar Raza, 35, and Haider Raza, 33, were heading in the direction of the prison Chowrangi on their way home when two unidentified assailants on a motorcycle came across and opened fire at them, murdering both the men on the location, Brigade policemanman said.

The bodies were moved to the Jinnah Postgraduate health Centre, SSP East Pir Mohammed Shah said. The victims, who lived in Rizvia Society, had endured multiple projectile wounds in their top torsos with 9mm pistols. The expended bullet shells discovered at the location have been sent for forensic tests.

examiners said the killing evidently appeared to be a part of sectarian goal killings but other facets would also be enquired.
In New Karachi, a policeman was shot dead and another was hurt in a drive-by firing in Khamisa Goth.

policeman constables Tasawwur and Qurban Ali of the Hyderi police position were deployed for intelligence on lawless persons functioning out of the New Karachi developed locality. On Sunday night, both the cops were stationed at Khamisa Goth to apprehend some suspected lawless persons, who had got away to the area.

Both the cops were injured in the strike as the strikeers got away with the arrested suppose. The police moved the hurt policemen to the Abbasi Shaheed clinic, where Tasawwur succumbed to his injuries while Ali was admitted to the clinic. The deceased had endured multiple projectile cuts in the barrel.

In Lyari, an unidentified man was shot dead in Gul Mohammed Lane.The victim was transient through the area when two unidentified attackers on a motorcycle came to him and opened blaze, murdering him on the spot. The body was taken to the Civil clinic Karachi for medico-legal formalities, Kalakot policeman said. He was shot multiple times in the barrel which verified mortal.

Another unidentified man was shot dead in Lyari’s Gulistan Colony. The casualty who looked to be in his 20s was walking along the street when two assailants came on a motorcycle and shot him dead, Chakiwara policeman said. The body was shifted to the municipal hospital.
In Mauripur, the body of an unidentified teenager was found trussed up in a gunny bag.

The young man who looked to be around 15 years old had been kidnapped, tortured and killed, while his body was thrown in a desolate place beside Machhar Colony, Docks police said

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GENEVA, Switzerland, – African Press Organization (APO) – The deteriorating situation in the Central African Republic and the humanitarian consequences for the population are deeply troubling.

The current upsurge in fighting is the deadliest the country has experienced since March. “Civilians are the primary victims of the violence,” said Stefan Bigler, who heads a team of staff members from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) that managed to reach the city of Bouca on 12 September. “The priority has to be to treat the injured and help families whose homes have been looted or burnt to the ground. In addition, dead bodies, which sometimes lie neglected on the ground, have to be buried.”

Entire neighbourhoods have been deserted in the city of more than 20,000 people. The inhabitants have fled into the bush, to relatives or behind the walls of places of worship, leaving everything behind. The ICRC has arranged for 13 seriously injured people to be transferred by air from Batangafo to the referral hospital in Bangui. Within one week, volunteers of the Central African Red Cross Society have collected the mortal remains of 30 people for identification and burial. Most health-care centres are closed and people are almost entirely dependent on humanitarian aid. “In places far from the capital, access to care is extremely limited and needs are immense,” said Bonaventure Bazirutwabo, the ICRC’s health coordinator in the country.

In some areas the violence has made it difficult to reach the victims. Clashes on the road to Bossangoa delayed the arrival of ICRC staff for several days. “All parties must refrain from committing any acts of violence against civilians or against medical personnel and facilities,” said Georgios Georgantas, head of the ICRC delegation in Bangui. “Humanitarian organizations must be able to work in safety so that they can reach and bring aid to all victims. People’s very survival is at stake.

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MUZAFFARNAGAR, India – Security forces have been ordered to shoot rioters on sight, as sectarian violence spread in northern India on Monday despite an army-enforced curfew imposed after deadly weekend clashes broke out between Hindus and Muslims.

Gunfire and street battles that erupted Saturday in villages around Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh state have killed at least 31 people and left many more wounded or missing, police said. Both sides have blamed the other for starting the violence.

Police had arrested 200 people by Monday evening. Soldiers deployed to the region have been given orders to shoot rioters on sight, state government official Kamal Saxena said.

Still, the violence spread to the neighbouring districts of Shamli and Meerut. A state of alert has been declared for Uttar Pradesh, the scene of some of India’s worst communal violence when a Hindu mob razed a 16th century mosque in Ayodhya in 1992.

Hundreds of people, some packed into bullock carts, tried to flee areas where their community represents a minority. One family trying to leave Kuttba village on Sunday was beaten with metal rods and wooden sticks when caught between fighting factions.

“The whole village was very tense. I wanted to send my family to a safer place,” said Munavar, 24, who uses only one name, as his wife, 8-month-old daughter and 6-year-old niece lay on hospital beds nearby wearing bloody clothes and gauze bandages over their heads.

The violence began Saturday night after a meeting of thousands of Hindu farmers called for justice in the Aug. 27 killing of three young men from Kawal village. Officials said some farmers delivered hate-filled speeches against Muslims.

Clashes with Muslims broke out after the meeting, with many using guns, swords, stones or knives, senior police officer Arun Kumar said.

One 26-year-old farmer, Anuvesh Baliyan, said he and others were attacked in Purvalian village as they were returning home on a tractor from the meeting. He said a mob wielding metal rods and swords surrounded the tractor and began beating them.

“We hid in a field for a full night until troops arrived the next day,” he said at Muzaffarnagar’s hospital, where he was being treated for sword wounds to his head and leg.

In the village of Mirapur Padav, 50-year-old Salma Liaquat said she was sitting in her open-sided hut Monday morning when four men came out of the forest, shot her in the leg with a pistol and ran away. She and her neighbours, nervous about the rising tension, had asked police to patrol the area.

“We kept calling the police because we were scared,” neighbour Shahid Ansari said. “But they didn’t come until after the attack.”

Hindu and Muslim patients were being kept in separate rooms at the hospital in Muzaffarnagar, about 125 kilometres (78 miles) north of New Delhi.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed grief and shock over the deaths, while the central government warned that communal violence was expected to escalate further in the run-up to next year’s national elections. Already this year, 451 incidents have been reported, compared with 410 for all of 2012, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said.

As local politicians on all sides accused one another of inciting the latest violence in Uttar Pradesh, the state barred people including politicians from visiting riot-affected areas.

The state’s opposition blamed the government for failing to maintain law and order, while the state’s top elected official accused opposition parties of inciting the violence to undermine his administration.

“The violence is a political conspiracy to defame and destabilize my government,” Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said.

Shops and schools were closed Monday in and around Muzaffarnagar. Soldiers were searching homes for weapons. Some 5,000 paramilitary officers joined the troops and thousands of local police on patrol.

Authorities stopped all newspaper deliveries and TV broadcasts in the area, but incendiary rumours spread by mobile phones and social media were still fueling the violence and making it difficult for soldiers to restore calm, state police inspector Ashish Gupta said.

The neighbouring mountain state of Uttarakhand was also on alert.

Source: edmonton journal

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Leaders of the Shiite Muslim minority in the Pakistani city of Quetta demanded the deployment of the country’s army after the latest in a wave of militant attacks that the community said killed 84 people.

At least 225 were injured in the Feb. 16 bombing at a market in the capital of the province of Baluchistan, said Sardar Tariq Jafri, an official with a local Shiite organization. Relatives refused to bury the dead, repeating a protest that last month forced the dismissal of the provincial administration following a similar massacre.

Prominent Shiites, including Shia Ulema Council leader and religious scholar Abbas Komali, demanded an army-led operation to stop the attacks. TV channels showed protesters, including women and children, staging a sit-in alongside the bodies of the victims of the latest attack.

- AFP 

When Claimed what the Heck Government is waiting for?

LeJ claimed the responsibility of Quetta Bombing, wondering what more Government or The Army requires to take proper action against organization? Fine it is very much understandable Government may not be supportive with the people since It always been like Government is sort of India ruling over Pakistan, but what excuse Army so called or known Establishment has?

Lack of orders or balls?

Point is it is up to the people not the servants to decide we pay for them all to do there duty which each one has failed to do so, its not the religion nor its politics something huge massive is being prepared for Pakistan!

Karachi and Quetta both cities require immediate operation to stop the outrage , fine we are ordinary people but do not consider us blind !

If Army didn’t do the operation than I’ll be sure its involved in all that has been happening, How can anyone ignores Karachi Killing where body counts goes on nothing else, neither the news is charming to anyone nor worrying but the people are dying what sort of Government and democracy are we trying to save by showing ignorance.

Daily body count ! I mean is there any limit? Retarded representatives or guardians maybe both?

I am not shia nor i am sunni i am just a Muslim who believes in Allah , follows Prophet Mohammad S.A.W and Quran, I know nothing more and nothing less.

Farhan Imaan

INCPak ~ Voice Of the People