3G Packages in Pakistan


3G Packages in Pakistan – Ufone, Zong, Telenor and Mobilink are offering 3G Packages in Pakistan, Packages are based on daily, weekly and monthly bundles. at times it’s very confusing for the people to find an appropriate package, so we’ve decided to add all the 3g Packages active at this time.

Recently Mobilink announced that the 3G Coverage has expanded more than 100 cities across Pakistan, whereas Telenor claims to have the widest network in Pakistan, On INCPak Forum we discuss about various issues and techniques related to the 3G one of which we shared recently How to speed up your 3G / 4G Internet on Android device, I am sure you don’t wonna miss that.

There are 4 active networks providing 3G Internet, from which Zong provides 3G / 4G Packages, Warid is not included among these 4 networks. All the packages subscription codes, validity and price obtained from there official websites, making this page ONE STOP for all. instead of visiting one by one. You can compare the packages easily over here.

Ufone  3G Packages –  Ufone 3G Packages are moderate and the internet speed is averagely good, Ufone gives free access to Facebook, Twitter, Line and Whatsapp once you subscribe to any of the package below. 3G Packages list obtained from Ufone Official website.

Bucket Name Price Volume (MB) Timing Subscription Code UNSUB Code
Daily light bucket Daily 10 40 24 hours *804# UNSUB to 8804
Daily heavy bucket 15 75 24 hours *8042# *4804#
Special daily bucket 05 50 01 AM- 09 PM *810# UNSUB to 7810
Mega Internet bucket 06 5,120 12 AM – 12 PM *550# *5501#
3 Day Bucket 3 – Day Bucket 25 100 24 hours *3350# N/A
Weekly Light bucket Weekly 50 250 24 hours *7811# N/A
Weekly heavy bucket 125 500 24 hours *7815# N/A
Monthly 1GB Bucket Monthly 250 1,024 24 hours *7807# N/A
Monthly 3GB Bucket 500 3,096 24 hours *803# N/A
Monthly 10GB Bucket 1,000 10,240 24 hours *5100# N/A

Social Data Buckets


Bucket Name Value Validity Price Timing Subscription Code UNSUB Code
Social Daily Bucket Free usage on Facebook, Whatsapp &Twitter. Daily 05 01 Day *4242# UNSUB to 5444
Social Monthly Bucket Free usage on Facebook, Whatsapp &Twitter. Monthly 50 30 Days *5858# N/A


Ufone – You can also Dial *3# to choose the package of your choice!


Mobilink 3G Packages – Mobilink considered as one of the top trending 3G Internet provider, due to it’s flexible packages, Speed is good and packages are attractive as well, most of the people prefer weekly 60/- Rs plus tax package in which they get 1500 Mb, however the actual attraction is 3G Weekly super Package which offers you 2500 Mb including 2 AM to 9 AM ( Mobilink calls it unlimited but it’s 10 GB ) extra for downloading purpose.

Average Speed of Mobilink 3G Internet is 5.5 Mb on Net Speed Test.


Sr. Bundles Prices (PKR)* Volume Validity Period Subscription Code Bundle Status Code**
1 Daily Light Internet 8 1,024 MB(available from 12 am to 5 pm) 24 Hrs *114*14# *114*14*2#
2 3G Daily3 15 100 MB 24 Hrs *117*1# *117*1*2#
3 3G Daily Super3 25 200 MB 24 Hrs *117*4# *117*4*2#
4 3G 3-Day3 35 300 MB 3 Days *117*3# *117*3*2#
5 3G Weekly3 60 1,500 MB 7 Days *117*7# *117*7*2#
6 3G Weekly Super 100 2,500 MB with unlimited usage from 2AM to 9AM6 7 Days *117*77# *117*77*2#
7 3G Monthly – Lite3 200 2048 MB 30 Days *117*31# *117*31*2#
8 3G Monthly – Heavy3 400 4,500 MB 30 Days *117*30# *117*30*2#
9 3G Monthly – Super4 1000 12,000 MB 30 Days *117*32# *117*32*2#
10 3G Hybrid Monthly 478 1000 Mobilink Mins, SMS & 2 GB 30 Days *117*40# *117*40*2#
11 3G Base Rate 18/MB

Telenor 3G Packages – Telenor claims to have the widest 3G coverage in Pakistan, 3G Packages offered by Telenor are not impressive, these packages aren’t simplified as Mobilink and Ufone however, those customer having Telenor network have to choose out of this, one of the attractive package appears 3G weekly bundle  – ” Daytime ” in 8 Rs but something fishy out this package, they have not mentioned on their official website.


Sr. Bundles Prices (PKR)* Volume Validity Period Subscription Code
1 3G Daily Bundle 15 100 MB 24 Hours *345*131#
2 3G Connect Daily 75 2 Gb 24 Hours *345*4000#
3 3G 3 Day Bundle 35 300 MB 3 Days *345*133#
4 3G Weekly Bundle 75 500 MB 7 Days *345*134#
5 3G Unlimited Daytime Bundle 8 2 GB 24 Hours **345*139#
6 3G Weekly Unlimited 40 7 GB 7 Days *345*144#
7 3G Monthly Bundle 400 4 GB 30 Days *345*135#
8 3G Connect Unlimited 1500 30 GB 30 Days 345*4004#
9 3G Monthly Plus Bundle 1000 10 GB 30 Days *345*136#

Zong 3G Package –  Zong is the only 3G and 4G network in Pakistan, very popular among the people although it doesn’t compete with Mobilink when it comes to the Package Prices, but 4G certainly is expensive. 3G Packages offered by Zong are mentioned below you can check the list.

Good Night Offer

Price Volume Validity
Rs. 6/Day 1 GB Applicable from 1am to 9am
Subscription Un-subscription
SMS “gno” to 6464 or Dial *6464# > 5> 1 SMS ‘unsub gno” to 6464


Social Pack

Use Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp at Super 3G & 4G speed with Zong’s Social Pack.

Social Pack Price Subscription Un-subscription
Rs. 10/Day SMS Social to 6464 SMS unsub Social to 6464

* Fair Usage Policy of 500 MB


Note:  Viewing external images and website links will be charged as per data plan/default data plan.

3G Packages in Pakistan 3G Packages in Pakistan

Packages codes are not mentioned on Zong’s official website, while you can subscribe by entering your number https://www.zong.com.pk/value-added-services/mobile-internet/internet-packages/zong-internet-packages


We have not included Warid Network because it doesn’t offer 3G Packages. The above list of 3G Packages is updated ( 13th June 2015 ) we’ll be updating the package in the future as well, so instead of visiting one by one, you can check out the package over here, and If we are missing any 3G Package of any network let us know in comments, we’ll update it.

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  1. Pakistan mein koi b achi 3G service provide nhi ker rha, kehte sab khod ko sab se acha hain but hota koi nahi. Sab k packages daikh lein or hisab kr lein prices sirf same hon gi or services quality baqwas. Company at the end apna faida krti hai……


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