Ufone finally showed up with 3G package Tariffs which are terrifying for the nation which hardly can afford night package. The Volume is too low as we were expecting since most of the users were already planning to switch from other internet service providers to 3G portable mobile network, it seems like they will be sad this weekend . Ufone 3G Packages are divided in 4 different categories of speed from 256kbps to 3mb but the volume ratio is the same which is very much disappointing.

 Obviously 3G costed a lot to all networks ( Auction ) but network should have kept affordable tariff.

Basic Bucket upto 256 kbps
Charges(PKR)VolumeValidy(Days)Subscription code
Half Day550MB*20 hrs*810#
Monthly 1GB2001GB30*7807#
Monthly 1.5GB2501.5GB30*5506#
Monthly 3GB5003GB30*803#
Super Bucket upto 512 kbps
Charges(PKR)VolumeValidity(Days)Subscription code
Monthly 1GB4001GB30*7809#
Monthly 1.5GB5501.5GB30*5507#
Monthly 3GB8003GB30*8031#
Ultra Bucket upto 1MBps
Charges(PKR)VolumeValidity(Days)Subscription code
Monthly 1GB5501GB30*7810#
Monthly 1.5GB6751.5GB30*5508#
Monthly 3GB12503GB30*8052#
Super Ultra Bucket upto 3MBps
Charges(PKR)VolumeValidity(Days)Subscription code
Monthly 1GB7251GB30*813#
Monthly 1.5GB9001.5GB30*814#
Monthly 3GB15003GB30*815#



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