Alarm Clock Wise, a new concept of Alarm Clock App

INCPak Introduces Alarm Close Wise app for Android devices – Our Team mate Saqib Shahzaq Vohra is Android Developer who recently joined INCPak as Android Developer came up with this app which I am sure you all gonna download from Google Play Sore for free. About Alarm Close Wise unlike other alarm clock apps which people usually snooze or stop and sleep, alarm clock wise is developed, keeping in mind to set your mind in conscious state before you sleep again. Its hurdle feature and flashing light effect is a uinque feature that will help you to get up from bed on time.


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Its fade volume effect will wake you up gently so that u may not feel the alarm annoying like most of the alarm clock apps.

It has a Clean and Elegant UI which pleases your mind while using it.

 Alarm Clock Wise is fully featured, fully customizable, handy and most efficient Alarm Clock application in Google Play Store. Alarm Clock Wise has a very decent, elegant and sophisticated UI that attracts the user. Alarm Clock Wise is developed keeping in mind about heavy sleepers. Science and Research is involved in the development of this app to discover the helpful ways to wake up a person. Alarm Clock Wise wakes you up gently from light music or death metal if you are a heavy sleeper. Its hurdle` option ensures that your mind is not sleeping anymore. This Alarm Clock has lots of features yet super simple to set up and use.

Make an smart choice and you won’t be late anymore.

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Alarm Clock Wise features include :-

  • Simple and quick to use and set alarms.
  • Preset optimized features will help you to set Alarm in no time, you can edit those features too if not suitable for you.
  • Elegant, attractive and clean UI.
  •  Battery and Memory Efficient.
  •  Two alarm methods, i.e: Alarm Time and Nap.
  •  Multiple alarm tones can be selected.
  • Choose Built-in Alarm tones, Music from your external memory, your favorite album, artist or playlist.
  •  Alarm tone can be selected from following options :
  • Ringtones(system), Alarm tones(system), Music(external), Album, Artist, Playlist
  • Flashing light effects to help you awake at night.
  • Speak time after Snooze or Dismiss.
  • Rythemic Vibration will help you to awake you gently.
  • Ramping/Gradual increase in volume will wake you up gently
  •  Hurdle option will provide you with small task on snooze or dismiss if you enable it.
  • Hurdle includes:
  • 6 letters Captcha, Math equation, Sort Numbers, Tell the day or Random from the above mentioned.
  • Set unlimited Alarms.
  • Next Alarm time.
  • Remaining time to alarm for every alarm that is activated.
  • Easily activate and Deactivate alarm.
  • Clear Alarm List with just one click.
  • Give custom name to your every alarm and it will be shown when alarm will ring. It will help you to remind why you wanted to wake up.
  • Set Volume.
  • Set auto snooze or disable.
  • Set Snooze Duration or disable.
  • Duplicate Alarm.

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