AMD A10 7850K and A10 7700K Kaveri A Series APU Specs

The upcoming AMD Kaveri A-Series lineup already has been shown earlier but the first specifications of the A10-7850K and the A10-7700K Kaveri A-Series APUs that should replace previously available Richland-based A10-6800K and the Trinity A10-5800K APUs now have appeared on the web.

The A10-7850K is going to feature four Steamroller cores and 512 GCN stream processors and these features are going to help it come on equal levels with the Radeon HD 7750 as far as the graphics are concerned. It features a max compute of 856 GFLops for the CPU plus the GPU. This is a few steps ahead of the Richland A10-6800K APU which had 779 GFlops.

The clock speeds have been set at 3.7 GHz and it is assumed that this will be the base clock speedswith a turbo that will surpass the 4 GHz barrier. Both will also feature AMD’s Turbo Core 3.0 feature as well as pack 4MB of L2 cache and feature unlocked multiplier. While the A10-7850K will be a 95W TDP part, the A10-7700K will be apparently available in both 65W and 95W version.

The GCN Radeon R7 GPU part with 512 stream processors will clock in at 720Mz GPU clock. The A10-7700K will work at slightly lower 3.5GHz base and 3.8GHz Turbo clocks as well as feature the same GCN-based R7 graphics but with slightly less 384 stream processors clocked at 720Mz.

Both new Kaveri desktop APUs are scheduled to officially launch on 14th of January next year and have a sub US $150 price tag.

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