SAD NEWS DISAPPOINTING NEWS – All Android 7.1.2 devices have a bug. And it won’t be fixed.

Android 7.1.2

Filed a bug report, but this bug won’t be fixed. All android applications built on the quick settings tiles API down the drain.

Below is the comment from engineering team for this issue.
“This is a KI and should be fine in the O-preview, sadly there is nothing we can do about 7.1.2 at this point.”
Hence closing this issue as released.

This is a sad news: there is a bug in the latest release and it won’t be fixed.
This bug affects a couple of frameworks tiles and all apps built on this API (…/ser…/quicksettings/Tile.html).
Just an FYI: this API is a Android 7.0 Nougat top new features for developers, as written on the developer official site:
Quick Settings is a popular and simple way to expose key settings and actions, directly from the notification shade. In Android 7.0, we’ve expanded the scope of Quick Settings to make it even more useful and convenient.
We’ve added more room for additional Quick Settings tiles, which users can access across a paginated display area by swiping left or right. We’ve also given users control over what Quick Settings tiles appear and where they are displayed — users can add or move tiles just by dragging and dropping them.
For developers, Android 7.0 also adds a new API that lets you define your own Quick Settings tiles to give users easy access to key controls and actions in your app.
Quick Settings tiles are reserved for controls or actions that are either urgently required or frequently used, and should not be used as shortcuts to launching an app.
Once you’ve defined your tiles, you can surface them to users, who can add them to Quick Settings just by drag and drop.
For information about creating an app tile, see the reference documentation for Tile.

Reported by Muhammad Hamza

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