Android Lollipop ROM for QMobile Noir i9 – TEASER

Android Lollipop ROM for QMobile i9, is for Kitkat users only, The layout is Material L Designed. Ported from Explay Fresh.

INCPak Team Member Ali Jee came up with something spicy for Qmobile Noir i9 users, Lollipop Rom, This isn’t the actual Lollipop ROM but the layout/UI is of Android Lollipop ROM 5.0. The Creator of the ROM = SlimHouse so we don’t take credit for that, we are just publishing and Introducing it to you.

Ali Jee says The Battery backup is awful. Already QMobile Noir i9 users are suffering due to insufficient battery timing. THIS ROM IS ONLY FOR KITKAT USER. These screenshots are provided by Ali Jee after porting this rom. 


Lollipop Rom


Qmobile Noir i9

i9 lollipop 4


Information about the firmware .

i9 lollipop 16

i9 lollipop17

Viper 4 Android FX – Sound Effects to enhance Audio Quality

i9 lollipop11

i9 lollipop10

The Settings .

i9 lollipop9

i9 lollipop1

i9 lollipop

i9 lollipop4

i9 lollipop5

i9 lollipop3

i9 lollipop7

i9 lollipop8

i9 lollipop2

i9 lollipop6


  • Advanced Reboot Menu in PowerMenu.
  • Removed Audio when Pressing Volume Rocker.
  • Custom Battery Icons in Status Bar.
  • Engineering and Test Menu in Developer Options.
  • Removed Safe Headset/Speaker Volume Limit.
  • “Sim-Card Not Inserted” in Slot-2 Notification Removed whenever Power-Up.
  • Added Hosts Ad-Blocking.
  • ViPER4Android FX Pre-Installed.
  • Customized Notification Bar.
  • New Animations/Transitions Added.



  • Ali Jee – For Porting Lollipop ROM to QMobile Noir i9 / For Editing this post
  • SlimHouse – For Actually Creating this Lollipop ROM
  • Farhan Imaan – For Providing Us the Platform / For Creating this post
  • All INCPak Team

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