On 21 March 2017 Google made available the Android O Developer Preview, and for the second time it did so ahead of its annual Google I/O Developer’s Conference. The final version won’t be with us until late summer, but if you’re curious it is possible to download Android O today on compatible devices.

Welcome to the Android O Developer Preview! From this page you can download system images for a range of hardware devices that you can use for testing your app, from phones to tablets and TV.

To get started with Android O, download a system image and flash it to your device. Then read the Program Overview for timelines and the migration guide for steps to compatibility and building for O.

Use the links and instructions below to update your supported device to the latest milestone build.

Caution: Developer Preview 1 is for developers only and not intended for daily or consumer use. See the release notes before installing it on your device. Enrolling in updates by Android Beta is not supported in Developer Preview 1.


Download a system image for Developer Preview 1.

Device Download Link SHA-256 Checksum
Nexus 5X bullhead-opp1.170223.012-factory-338a95b1.zip 338a95b1bb86527a3c95b3d1b6be9770d1fe2f43a01e0f1aa73b4504c5b0dcb8
Nexus 6P angler-opp1.170223.012-factory-caec5ca2.zip caec5ca2aaf10f70b4a0dbc14afff56adc9e79c329fb12aefbd42517837eee31
Nexus Player fugu-opp1.170223.012-factory-7a871bc0.zip 7a871bc04bfdc2971a0883535d262d0215a536efed5bac80d4b1cb4b071d8416
Pixel C ryu-opp1.170223.013-factory-101e96d3.zip 101e96d3e52ddcaef8a84842f0bc92aed86207ad166ae77a450cf75ad94d8fb9
Pixel sailfish-opp1.170223.012-factory-164983f4.zip 164983f40993fb6b4414548758a43c6e14f3b9ebbab1036e30d6c00bfbc0e35a
Pixel XL marlin-opp1.170223.012-factory-476ea53f.zip 476ea53f594d8fd67f2be2976929a5b7edc102d709447d36b41beb3f98deb1e9

Manually flashing a device

Warning: Flashing a system image removes all data from the target device. Back up your data before flashing.

Flashing is the process of installing a system image and supporting files on a target device. Flashing lets you set up an initial test and build environment. It gives you precise control over the test environment on your device and lets you reinstall as often as needed, such as for automated testing.

After downloading a system image, please follow these complete instructions for flashing the system image to your device.

Uninstalling the Preview from a device

If you want to uninstall the preview from a device, obtain a factory spec system image from the Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices page and then manually flash it to the device.

Warning: Uninstalling a Developer Preview system image prior to the end of the program requires a full device reset and removes all user data on the device.

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