Are you confused ? which smartphone phones is best in low-range ?

Below are some features /things you would want in a smartphone are:

  • durability/ functionality(no major freezing problems/etc)
  • good music player(transfers music easily, and ability to make playlists, plus headset jack)
  • games
  • good video quality ( support major video formats and  resolutions)
  • at least a 3 mp camera with ability to take video
  • possibly browse the web / check email / instant messaging
  •  decent battery life

Low-Range smartphones starts from Rs/ 8000-20000.

Good Smartphones companies include:

  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Sony
  • Nokia
  • Huawei
  • Qmobile

Best Phones within the range of Rs/10000

  • HTC Explorer ( drawbacks are no front cam and low internal memory )
  • Qmobile Noir A5

While If you have good know how about buying Second hands smartphones then go for

  • Qmobile Noir A8 
  • Huawei y300

Best Phones Within range Rs/ 20000

  • Huawei G510 & Y 300
  • Nokia Lumia 520
  • Sony Xperia Sola, Xperia U, Xperia J, Xperia miro & Xperia neo L ( these all are similar phones with minor differences . Draw backs are old OS Gingerbread and Warrenty problems in Pakistan )
  • Qmobile A50 ( other phones like A8, A9,A10,A11,A12 are useless with same specs and high prices )


In used phones the Best one Within range Rs/ 20000

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 

In the range of rs 10000 i haven’t added Samsung because of some really good reason described in the post Samsung Adopts Qmobile theory . Android smartphone are the cheapest and you can say fulfill features you want in a smartphone .

Nokia’s first cheap Windows 8 OS based smartphone Lumia 520 is good for those who get frustrated by the Android Phones features that are not understandable and people those have  little know how about the Android OS.

Huawei is now launching some good phones like g510 & Y300 with good specs, price & benchmarks are impressive .


Within 10000 range HTC or Qmobile  & Within 20000 range Huawei & Nokia are the best smartphones.

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  1. owners of noir a9… please confirm with the CPU-Z app the cortex version of noir a9…..
    PLEase tell me this. I need to buy this phone…

  2. A50 has same specs. So it is also useless. But these phones aren't useless. That is good that there are about 5 different screen sizes to choose for but you get same performance. So it's technically not useless.

    • Qmobile has gain so much popularity that y u cant say useless . You can judge Qmobile's popularity by the advertisement more the advertisement greater the sales of the company 🙂

      • yeah and now qmobile has lunched quad core phone (noir a500) for just 16000 rs and other quadcore mobiles with 1 gb ram (noir a20,a600,a600,a900,a950) and super amoled display (noir a950)


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