Bubblews New social network pays you back !

Bubblews – A new social network says its goal is sharing among its users — including some of the profits.

Unlike Facebook where you spend your time and don’t get paid at all, Bubblews gives you option to post and earn….  don’t go on the criticisms , give it a try ….

Once you sign you, you get 1 Dollar in your account and you are 49 away from redeeming your money… Each Post you make you’ll get paid.

Bubbles, which is launching a new platform Wednesday, aims to bring together people by giving a small slice of ad revenues to users for each time they post or share.

Founders Arvind Dixit and Jason Zuccari say bubblews.com will deliver advertising related to the content posted on the site — but contend that they are up front about this business model.

“We’re a business so we will have to monetize this, but we are willing to compensate you for your social interactions,” Dixit told AFP.

While other social networks promote themselves as a free place to mingle and share, they end up making money in “intrusive ways,” such as tracking users’ browsing histories, said Dixit.

Dixit and Zuccari said Bubblews will not “mine” data from users’ browsing history through files known as “cookies.” Instead, it will glean information from the postings themselves, which will have a minimum of 400 characters.

“Because people are writing at least 400 characters, through the posts we can understand their personality,” Dixit said.

“Now each person becomes an identity, not a cookie, or something you spy on.”


SITE URL : http://www.bubblews.com

How Bubblews work ?



The name merges the word “bubblews” to symbolize one’s thinking and “news,” the founders say.

The first version of Bubbles launched in 2012 in beta or test mode, and the founders say it drew tens of thousands of people posting and as many as 20 million visitors from around the world.

The company raised $3 million in venture capital and is launching a newly designed platform this week.

All posts on Bubblews are public, and anyone may follow a topic tagged with a plus sign.

This leads to more transparency and enables users without large groups of friends or followers to participate in conversations on topics ranging from the World Cup to world peace.

The site operates in English only, but other languages are in the works. Dixit and Zuccari said about half of those using the beta site are in the United States, with significant participation from Canada, Britain, India, the Philippines and Brazil.


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