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Challenges in Modern Era of Online Shopping in Pakistan

It has begun, the era of a New Digital Age where everything is being sold on Online Shopping Websites. Many stores are kicking off to promote their products through websites, social media pages/groups and word of mouth. Industry Experts claim that the estimated market size for online shopping websites in Pakistan would be roughly around $35-40 million a year and increasing.

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With more and more individual brands starting up their own shopping website, no one can really predict on the total number of online shopping websites in Pakistan. With the market size increasing and having more potential to drive their business, a rough estimate around 8 to 10 major websites have stuck on the ground.

However the challenges still exist for various factors to build a loyal customer base for round-the-clock shopping experience, free delivery service, efficient customer service, easy checkout process and Customer Feedback. One Online Shopping Website to have made a perfect fit between Online Shopping and complete Customer Satisfaction is

Home Deliveries

Most of the experienced customers have suffered from long delayed home deliveries which later round up being either missed, out of stock, expensive delivery charges through independent courier service or being canceled. Despite such challenges, offers Free Home delivery service in all the cities of Pakistan for any product or accessory without the risk of damaging the product or having unnecessary delayed delivery.

Faster and Effective Fulfillment Process

Many websites do find it difficult to manage a huge database for products which ultimately results in ordering an alternative product or something which had not been ordered previously. understands the importance for customer demand for greater speed and takes on this change with regular feedbacks via text messages, phone calls and email messages to ensure that deliveries are done in an effective and profitable manner for the customer without any hassle or problem.

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Ensuring Online Success Rate for Satisfied Customer Service

An Online dedicated Team at work hard to maintain a 24/7 presence for Customer Service to ensure that each and every problem faced by the customer is resolved with proper feedback service through social media, phone calls or text sms messages. To ensure that from the time of fulfillment process till upon product delivery, each customer is entertained even after the product has been delivered.

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With the Largest Online Shopping in Pakistan, can truly tap Online Shopping in Pakistan at any time for all those who shy away from ordering any product online.