iOS 7 was announced at the company’s annual developers’ conference back in June where chief executive Tim Cook hailed it as “the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone”.

With consumers eagerly awaiting the release of two new iPhones this week, the more dramatic change may be in the software, not the hardware.

The new mobile operating system called iOS 7 became available on Wednesday, providing users of iPhones and iPads a bolder look, which may be a shock for some, but which Apple hopes will keep its fans happy and draw new customers.

“It is a major upgrade,” said Gerry Purdy, analyst and consultant with Compass Intelligence who follows mobile technology.

While the technology will come preloaded on iPhone 5s and 5c – on sale from Friday – users with old Apple devices can download iOS 7 from today. An Apple spokesperson confirmed to The Telegraph that the release will be “early evening” in the UK. Based on previous iOS releases.

Apple says the new system has more than 200 new features, including improved multitasking, sharing, new camera apps, male and female voices for its Siri software, and the much-anticipated iTunes Radio.

Five things To Consider Before moving to IOS 7

Check device compatibility

Only the models shown in pic below are compatible.

Delete unused apps

Once you’ve determined your iDevice eligible for the upgrade, it’s time to quickly go through the apps you currently have installed and delete any that are unused.

Update installed apps

Some apps, such as Foursquare, are already releasing iOS 7 app updates so you’ll be able to use them as intended on iOS 7 as soon as your OS update is complete. With iOS 7, app updates will automatically be downloaded for you; take a minute to cherish the last time you’ll be forced to manually install app updates.

Back that thing up

You’ll want to be sure to back up your device(s). Not only is this something you should be doing on a regular basis, but it’s something that’s especially important to do right before upgrading an OS, so you can restore it later some time.

Update iTunes

When a major version of iOS is released to the public, it’s almost always accompanied by an update to iTunes. The update usually adds new features to iTunes, but it also brings with it compatibility for new devices and the new OS.

6 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 7 Right Away

  • It’s the biggest visual repair & upgrade Apple introduced the iPhone.
  • You do not have to hunt for common settings anymore.
  • A much improved,  customizable  App Store.
  • Siri can now be a dude.
  • Multitasking is significantly   improved.
  • Upgrading is free — and easy to do.


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