In this world of competitiveness, inclination towards gaining as much knowledge base as one can is the key element of today’s lifestyle. What DTH is bringing to Pakistan is the amalgamation of both the aforementioned concepts that will change the Cable TV network picture big time. It will bring expectedly $400million through bidding and almost 16000 direct and indirect job opportunities. These numbers are significant enough to put light on the very idea of this DTH technology.

What we lack in governance is the lethargic and procrastinated approach towards the adaptation of new technology as well as of processes and techniques in different professional settings. This DTH service is not new to this world, it was first launched in 1996, and our neighbor country and regional rival have implemented it years back. They are growing on this concept and new investments are coming to their way with innovation.

If our leaders and decision makers will let go off this habit of procrastination when it comes to implementing the cutting edge technology in mega projects and leave out their own benefits behind, we will be well on our way towards progress.

 It is never too late…. they can be appreciated for even initiating this change since we as a nation are losing hope. Make your nation visualize, make them believe that their representation will actually cater their need of gaining global information via different mediums so they can access and process and develop their knowledge base to get an edge in the domestic as well as in international market.

The hindrance put forward by the cable operators to this whole process of bidding of DTH auctions is because of the fear of losing the basic ARPU( Average revenue per user). We as a nation have faced monopolies and lobbying in different industries i.e. automobile from years but now the trends are changing. If you cannot co-create the product by the input of consumer, your possibility of failure increases.

What cable operators are feared off is the availability of DTH offering more than 4000 video channels and almost 2000 radio channels to every household with quality video without the usage of cable and wires.IT IS ABOUT THE REACH…. The reach of DTH is to everybody who is willing to get a connection, no area or regional distinction whatsoever, as a whole of the working is based via geostationary satellites that can provide connectivity in almost all over the globe.

It is a dilemma for the cable operators as the per capita income of an average Pakistani is increased as compared to recent years and now they demand quality product with less price sensitivity. What cable operators have to do is to build or reconstruct their aging infrastructure to compete with the DTH service and that too needs a considerable investment in this very sector.

Despite all of the hurdles put forth by the cable operators in terms of cutting connections and strikes,  Government went for the bidding and took a stance on catering for the growing need of information and infusion of IT in the country’s economic and social growth. Providing the same opportunity to every consumer to have the experience of quality, video, audio, and high-speed broadband without any hassle.

Moving from analog to digitization will be a stepping-stone in the field of Cable TV Network…

By: Malik Afnan Tariq

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