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Don’t buy used smartphones !

I been getting multiple complaints on INCPak Forum from the customers of about used Smartphones they bought from there, In which 3G wasn’t working, specifically  American carrier Sprint sets have this complaint, The whole idea of buying any smartphone is to use Internet on it without the connectivity smartphone makes no sense.

When I read the comments on the forum, I was totally disappointed – It’s not just is selling American carriers used smartphones but in Sadar Mobile Market you will see dozens of dealers those who import and sell these phones giving 7 to 30 days warranty. What good is that warranty when that smartphone has no 3G or 4G facility? total waste.

INCPak is my format where I have some principles not to disguise anyone, we as the team of contributors been sharing useful and technical information using this platform as one of the key important factor to spread awareness and so far we’ve been successful in it. People on the social media mixing up and INCPak altogether which is totally wrong, both are different entities owned by different CEOs. I Own INCPak and I work at so kindly don’t mix it up.

There is no point of buying used smartphones at all, If you can’t afford lavishing features and 4k HD display in the price you can pay for?  Get A brand new no matter its Qmobile or Huawei instead of Samsung and LGs, used smartphones, I have personally interacted with so many customers those who had worst experience at bytes.

Personally, I would recommend everyone to purchase only brand new smartphones with Official the warranty,  at least all features works which are mentioned unlike American or African carriers where the baseband is different. My statement is not bad-mouthing about but as far as you can see all the Mobile Markets are  filled with cheaters selling junk, fooling customers.

I really don’t get the logic being at the point of the bridge in-between the common man and the seller, In my view if the smartphones don’t support Don’t sell them at all, which is why I am sharing over here.

So far LG G3 Sprint has the complaint about connectivity issue, whereas LG Flex 2 had this issue. I am sure INCPak readers would consider this post positive and avoid buying used phones from mobile markets.

Farhan Imaan