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Dual Boot OS smartphone

Dual boot Android and Windows OS coming up next !

Dual Boot OS

Huawei a chinese smartphone manufacturer is planning to launch a Dual Boot smartphone that will run both Android and Windows operating systems.

The Huawei’s Dual boot smartphone is set to launch in second quarter this year.

It’s still not clear why the phone makers are going to install both Android and Windows Phone on a single smartphone or there is any demand for this type of smartphone. Huawei’s chief marketing officer, Shao Yang says Huawei’s version will allow consumers to “change it as you wish,” offering a choice because “if it is Windows only, maybe people will not find it as easy a decision to buy the phone.”

On the other hand an Indian local phone manufacturer’ Karbonn ‘ is also set to launch a Dual boot smartphone in Q2 this year.

However, smartphones from Huawei and Karbonn, specifications and details are not revealed yet ,  including their  names, specs or prices – for such dual-booting Android/Windows Phone devices. And it remains to be seen whether Google will do anything to prevent such creations.

Dual Boot OS smartphone

Well,  tell us in the comment box below would you be willing to buy a Dual Boot smartphone that has both Android and Windows running at a time or you are happy with the single OS phones  ?

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