E-Commerce Tips for Pakistani Retailers to Boost Online sales

It is vital to generate in-store traffic from both online and offline presence, irrespective of the nature of your business and the channel you will be using to do business. As a brick and mortar store is properly launched with a ribbon cutting ceremony so should an online store, but of course in a different manner. You can increase exposure of your online business with internet marketing tips listed below:

Press Release:

A press release is sent out when a company wants to convey information, make an announcement or inform the public about information specific to that company. The message can be issued both online on news distribution channels as well as offline. Press release is the fastest way to spread word about your store.

Educating buyers and sellers:

With new online business models and changing business settings it is very important to educate both buyers and sellers. For sellers, they need to be onboard with the how to sell online, how update inventory online, delivery channels and what method of payment they will be adopting. Companies also need to gain sellers complete trust on online shopping. Which is one of their greatest challenge these online stores are facing right now. Kaymu.pk, an online market place creates awareness through hosting seller workshop and seminars. For the customers it also keeps brand ambassadors in universities to spread their name through the word of mouth.

Online Market Places:
These are a type of online middle men. Websites like Kaymu.pk, Olx.com.pk and Asani.pk acts as an agent to retailers. Here they sell, not their own, but a variety of different seller’s products online. In return these websites keep a small commission. The delivery and shipping costs are often absorbed by the website itself.


These could be sent out via emails to all returning customers or customers who have made any sort of purchase from the website. If you are taking a more aggressive approach then newsletters could be sent out weekly otherwise a monthly newsletter lets its customers know of any changes and new products available online.

Pay Per Click Advertisement:
This is paid marketing for advertising on google, yahoo, and other search engines. Local listings can help shoppers to find your page, contact information and address easily.

Businesses can also create their own commercials to advertise on television or radio. If this is too pricey for the business then a low-budget online video could also be used to reach a large audience.

Social Networks:
In today’s day and age if a business especially an online store is not actively present on popular social networking sites, it is committing commercial suicide. Popular social networking sites include Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter, Linked In. Almost all businesses, big and small have their own personal page where they engage customers through free giveaways and promote products.

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