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As in my previous post i informed you about the rapid growth of malware in Android devices and Google is facing problems regarding these malwares. Now Google has also recently announced Bouncer, which keeps malicious apps away from the Android Market . Today i will give you some important measures you should take to avoid malwares  attacks .

First of all install a Antivirus program. You can easy find & download many security apps from Google play store but the most efficient and recommended security apps are Avast Free Mobile Security, Dr Web antivirus, F- Secure mobile security, Ikarus mobile security, Kaspersky antivirus,  lookout, Avg & Eset securities .

I have used Avg , Kasperspy, lookout , Avast & Eset securities and in these i found ESET antivirus was good As it catches 2 game apps that were infected.It also stops third party apps from installing, but its a trial version only for 1 month 🙁 .   Now its upto you which one you install.


Secondly, Download Apps Only from Trusted Sources like Google play and amazon app store and stay away from third arty apps as much as you can .

Thirdly, Protect Your Phone with a Password it saves you from manual hacking when your phone is stolen.

Fourthly, Install OS Updates as Soon as They’re Available as with every update, Google routinely closes up holes that malware authors can exploit.

Lastly, Don’t View Sensitive Information on Public WI-Fi. Wi-Fi is one of the most beneficial inventions, But the problem is if you are using Wi-Fi network that is unsecured, you should think twice about doing anything particularly sensitive.

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