Social network Facebook has quietly rolled out a redesigned version of its ‘Notes’ tool, which gives users the ability to write blog posts and publish them on the popular social media website.

The ‘Notes’ feature essentially marks the blog section of the Facebook social networking website. Though the feature has been around since 2006, it is hardly used by the Facebook members. In fact, most Facebook users are not even aware of the existence of the feature on their accounts.

The updated version of the ‘Notes’ feature has been rolled out by Facebook chiefly to encourage users to write blog posts and share their write-ups.

The update which Facebook has released for the ‘Notes’ feature enables users to write longer blog posts. In addition, the updated ‘Notes’ version also allows users to upload a photo related to their blog post. Users can also share their notes with people on their contact list, or the public, and generate followers.

As a result of the update, the ‘Notes’ feature now shows clearer headlines accompanied by a broad cover photo, and it appears to behave more like a blogging platform. About Facebook’s main intention with the updated ‘Notes’ feature, a Facebook spokesperson said: “We’re testing an update to Notes to make it easier for people to create and read longer-form stories on Facebook.”

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