Facebook is removing messaging from its iOS and Android apps

Facebook is removing the messaging feature from its mobile app, forcing users to download its standalone Messenger app if they want to chat with their Facebook friends.

From this week onwards, more people will be notified of the change. Facebook will be removing the messaging feature from its Android and iOS apps in “a handful of countries” over the next couple of weeks. “People will have several notices before this change takes place and will have opportunities to learn more about Messenger and its features,” the Facebook spokesperson tells us.

However, this change won’t affect lower-end Android devices with memory constraints, which means you can chat in-app without having to download Messenger. You will still be able to message from Facebook’s iPad app as well.

Despite Facebook buying WhatsApp in a $19 billion deal, it seems like the company is still keen on pushing its own Messenger app, probably to make sure both chat apps cover as much ground as they possibly can all over the world. However, the fact that users have to download two apps now may not sit well with them.

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