Forget Nokia – Newkia is coming

Newkia founder Thomas Zilliacus revealed that while his company will make Android handsets, they will not come with Newkia branding.

Ever thought how a Nokia-branded Android phone would be? Nokia fans who wanted the company to embrace Android would find this piece of news interesting. The Finnish company’s former Asia-Pacific CEO Thomas Zilliacus has founded a company called Newkia, and hopes to built Android phones that Nokia would not. Yes, that’s what they plan to call the company.


Zilliacus plans to hire ex-Nokia employees, who wanted to build Android-run Nokia phones. In fact, he was a Nokia employee for over 15 years. Reportedly, he also wanted to buy Nokia’s phone business a year ago, with the hope to start crafting Android phones. While that did not happen and now Microsoft has bought Nokia’s device and services unit, so forming Newkia seemed like the next best option to him.

Reportedly, Newkia is a Singapore-based company with a few ex-Nokia staff already on its payroll. But Zilliacus plans to maintain the R&D team located in Finland. Now, you can expect the first Newkia phone within a year and the company is targeting the Asian market. However, this does not mean it has completely ruled out the possibility of introducing its phones in the US. However, lets see if the company can bring back the Nokia experience with a touch of Android.

Zilliacus also that Newkia “can offer consumers what can be new, exciting, and different”. It’ll be interesting to see what the company can come up with, since there is now no lack of Asia-focused companies making high-quality, low-cost Android phones. Just getting the Nokia build quality and design would be a great start — I’m sure a phone that feels like the Nokia N9 (or Lumia 800) with Android installed would be a tantalizing proposition for smartphone lovers.


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