Sir Ahmed Ali Shah INCPak Senior member has successfully ported FreeMe Os for Infinix Note Pro 3 Android 6.0 Marshmallow based Rom and it’s ready for public preview and download.

NOTE : We are not responsible for any damage to your phone! 

FreeMe Os for Infinix Note Pro 3


FreeMe Os for Infinix Note Pro 3 14516554_10208791153394605_4432546974951986800_n 14516569_10208791150314528_6537256851041069332_n 14519647_10208791149234501_8808436102024126056_n 14590467_10208791153154599_7206798199691723648_n 14606362_10208791149874517_4205418189980869054_n 14610916_10208791150994545_5915487546681852493_n 14642251_10208791151034546_2112179708951496004_n 14656438_10208791150554534_2388086436335171789_n 14666106_10208791153994620_2724256827261528068_n 14666279_10208791149314503_8101788171424433212_n


Download link

Credits FreeMe Os for Infinix Note Pro 3 .

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah                 Rom + Screenshots

Farhan Imaan Abro                    Post

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