– Get your free virtual reality headset on January 15 is proud to announce the #vrpakistan initiative on its 1st birthday on January 15 2016. As part of the initiative had partnered up with Elements Protection, Rush Clothing and Leopards Logistics to give away 10000 free bytes vr lite virtual reality headsets. pioneered virtual reality in Pakistan in early 2015 by bringing virtual headsets for under Rs 1000 that simply required a smartphone and would let you enter a whole other dimension. Bytes vr is Pakistans top selling virtual reality headset. Since then virtual reality has steadily grown in Pakistan but there still remains a major void of Pakistani content for virtual reality devices. By giving away the bytes vr headsets is hoping to enable more people to develop content that can be watched and played on any virtual reality headset. 8000 headsets will be given away through the website and 2000 at schools and universities.

In order to get their hands on a bytes vr lite headset for free users will simply have to visit add the product to their cart and checkout. The headsets will be available in 3 batches at the following times:

January 15, 2016     00:00  –  4000
January 15, 2016     15:00   –  2000
January 15, 2016    20:00   –  2000 has received major support from Leopards Logistics and Elements Protection who have worked alongside to make the initiative a reality.

According to CEO Mohammed Khanani

” The #vrpakistan initiative will allow us to create more awareness about virtual reality in pakistan. Majority of people in Pakistan still do not understand how it works. This initiative will let a lot of people try it out first hand. “

Users who are lucky to get one can share a picture of their order receipt in Facebook with #bytesvr for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy J5.

Press Release – 

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