GFive G9, Qmobile Noir A20 & Noir A600 which one to buy ?

Many INCPak visitors were asking which one to buy from three latest Quad-core  GFive G9, Qmobile Noir A20 & Noir A600. So i am giving short review which one to buy. ?

All three phones have almost similar specification with slight changes like GFive G9 has 5.7″, Noir A20 has 4.5″ while Noir A600 has 5.0″ Display. Processor, Ram and rom are same 1.2 GHz Quad-core, 1GB ram and 4GB rom in all three phones. While a good thing is that Qmobile is offering a 8GB Memory/SD card of (6) class.

So overall Qmobile Noir A600 is leading at the moment because GFive g9 display size is too big and comes in Phablet list which is not comfortable for handling.

Now which one to buy, as We told you before that three more Android smartphones by Qmobile Noir A500 , Noir A900 and Noir A950 are ready to be launched in few days, hopefully will be available in market by next week & all are Quad core phones. Rumors are that there will be no big differences in prices as you can see all previous Qmobile smartphone range have difference of 1000-2000 RS but till now specification are not unveiled, so can predict anything about that.

Now you may understand the Answer which one to buy is to WAIT until other phones by Qmobile are not launched afterwards we will be able to say that this xyz phone is best.Qmobile e6 (7)

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