Google Moto X Super Smartphone with two processors !

Motorola a well known mobile phone company, but a less innovative. The last most popular phone launched by  Motorola was Droid Razr Maxx in January 2013 which had a superb battery timings of about 15 hours that is still not matched by the new phones  This year Motorola announced a new flagship Android phone called Google Moto X. This is the Motorola’s  first major phone after the acquisition by Google.

The Moto X, presumably the next flagship Android device from the manufacturer, will be built in a large facility outside Fort Worth, Texas that was previously used to build Nokia handsets. The 500,000 square foot facility will employ around 2,000 people. This would make the Moto X the first smartphone to be built in the USA, although only 70 percent of the manufacturing will take place here, with processors coming from Taiwan and OLED displays from Korea.motorola-x-key-lime-pie-rumours-0

Interesting features : 

  • Moto X would be “contextually aware,” using sensors like the phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope. The phone will know when you’ve taken it out of your pocket, and may turn on the camera after somehow recognizing that you want to take a picture. It can also sense when you’re in a car and provide a different mode designed for safe driving.
  • Motorola will be focusing on phone durability and battery life ( rumors are that it might have 4,000 mAh battery)

motorola-xSpecification (rumors not confirmed) :

  • Moto X has two processors that allow you to do many tasks at same time these are those tasks that won’t destroy battery life. It may have quad or Octa core chip .
  • Moto X boasts 4.7 inch screen with full HD resolution.
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Moto X might have 16 or 10 mega pixels camera and a front facing camera too.
  • Moto X would run Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

The phone is said to be launched by October, lets see how Motorola will differentiate its phone by its major competitors Apple , Samsung , HTC  & Lg.


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