Google now the right information at just the right time . Google Now is just not an intelligent voice recognition service. Instead, it’s a built-in assistant that serves up Google search-based answers to voiced questions. Google Now also tries to give you those answers before you even pose a question by predicting the data you want, based on your search history.Automatic understanding, seeing what I search for and where I am, telling things I aught to know. Things other people know.

BUT, the problem is that only users with  Android 4.1 Jelly Bean installed on their phone can have use this app. So , Adeel Uddin came up with a solution on how to install Google now on devices having Ice cream sandwich .

By Using Flashable tutorial from XDA (above xda link ) i used L4 – lenny_kano’s version 4 – This is identical to the M7 file below, the apk has been edited to allow you to download in your own language.Download the zip, and flash it. If you already have Google Now installed, you will need to remove it first before installing this version.


M7 – mikeyxda’s version 7. This version improves on M6 by tweaking notifications to be more accurate and frequent. This version may use more battery.

It has zip files which are Flashable ZIPs. You can find apk files as well and please watch the video below which shows everything in very easy steps.

How to get Google NOW for ICS Android Devices [root-required] Cursed4Eva by incpak com

download1-283x300 M7 – mikeyxda’s version 7254177_10151706623291518_2011016075_n


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