Gran Turismo 6 Developers Polyphony Digital may have a treat for you. It seems that one of the most popular PlayStation Games, maybe released for PC rather than just PlayStation.

PC Gamers have long awaited a game similar to Gran Turismo, as it offers tracks, a wide range of cars and features other car video games never released. Gran Turismo claims to be “The Real Driving Simulator.” Other car video games have so far focused on creating a more interesting career mode, which will leave the gamer hooked to the game.
However, one must not jump into false conclusions. Gran Turismo 6 news talks about a PC version, however there are no big rumours yet. Websites like wikipedia claim that Gran Turismo 6 will only be released on PlayStation 3.

It is understandable why Gran Turismo is only released for PlayStation, since its publishers are Sony, the same brand manufacturing the PlayStation Console itself.

The Game is scheduled to be released during the first days of next December.

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