We are not over yet with QMobile Noir Z10 Roms, here’s another one Hi Os Rom for Qmobile Noir Z10 by Sir Ahmed Ali Shah Sahib – He sets a new record as the fastest porter of 2015-2016 believe or not publishing a post takes time but If you ever get to meet him personally you will be amazed how quickly he can port a rom.

Hi Os Rom for Qmobile Noir Z10 is Android Lollipop 5.1 based and no bugs reported, lots of visitors and INCPak Forum members been requesting about other roms but we are sharing the download links of those which are tested.

Hi Os Rom for Qmobile Noir Z10


13221480_10207730661882980_442417486136933322_n 13230206_10207730668643149_8671691209574194124_n 13232980_10207730660202938_2932168056462055938_n 13237754_10207730662803003_4916615638140073655_n 13241364_10207730692163737_1994832604089047741_n 13244744_10207730669603173_2256984636795934713_n 13244883_10207730660562947_3539069664942202426_n 13254230_10207730668723151_3449541908605567563_n 13256253_10207730669763177_5324348716573169015_n 13256362_10207730660402943_356219338372230984_n 13260050_10207730660282940_3275993672296360567_n 13260227_10207730660962957_3639433332696218016_n

Download link


TWRP Recovery Qmobile Z10 


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Credits :-

Sir Ahmed Ali Shah          Rom + Screenshots

Farhan Imaan Abro          Post

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