How to convert video files using a video converter?

The following will show you a step-by-step guide to complete conversion tasks.

Step by Step procedure, Just go with the flow and there you go ! Compress any video you want for your smart phones.


  1. Firstly, download the video converter and then install and run it.
  2. Click “Add File(s)” button and select the video you want to convert.1.1
  3. select the output format (e.g you want to convert your file into MP4 , AVI , 3GP or any other format ).3
  4. for custom adjustments  go in settings. In video settings  select the resolution you want , set the frame rate & video bitrate. In audio settings set the encoder( usually mp3 or aac are used) , then sample rate , then channels (usually 2 channels) & audio bit rate ( usually 128)4
  5. select the destination where you want to save your output file (your converted file), click on browse and select the folder .5
  6. now click on start so your conversion will start .


as conversion takes / uses most of your CPUs usage so i recommend not to run any application or program while conversion, but this depends on your PC’s speed.

I have uploaded three conversion software’s , choose any one .

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