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How to Pass HPE0-S37 Certification Exam With Flying Colors

HPE0-S37 is a best-selling exam that tests one’s knowledge on HPE server products and solutions. Covering areas partaking functions, features,and benefits of products and solutions. Additionally, this course proves how well a candidate can manage server tools and find HPE ProLiant solutions. By completing this exam, a candidate gains an HPE ATP server solutions certification which increases his/her chances of landing server-related jobs.

To succeed in the exam, the following guide on how to pass HPE0-S37 is of great help. Due to the ease of comprehending content featured in the exam, the exam can be taken by new candidates and professionals alike. However, one is advised to have a minimum of one-yearhands-on experience with server technology. This ensures that one has an easy time going about the course and ensures that one has an easier time relating various topics covered by the exam. Since the exam is the best server technology course, candidates that take this exam and pass have an easier time winning jobs.

Due to the complexity of this course, it can prove to be a hard task figuring how to passHPE0-S37.To have an easier time preparing for the exam, this guide was designed for you. Containing the exam tips and professional advice, this is the ultimate guide to follow when preparing for HPE0-S37.

Audience targeted by the examination

Among the people that are aimed by this exam include beginners looking to boost a career as certified server professionals. However, prior experience with server products and solutions ensures that you have an easier time going about the exams. Also, professionals looking to authenticate their knowledge of server management tools and gain an HPE ATP Server Solutions certification. Additionally, individuals that sit for this exam get to validate their skills in HPE ProLiant server solutions and HPE Composable infrastructure solution.

Skills tested

Among the skills that this exam tests are:

  • Foundational server architecture and technology 37%
  • Functions, features,and benefits of HPE server products and solutions 45%
  • Analyzing server market and positioning of HPE server products and solutions 8%
  • Planning and designing HPE server solutions 10%

Why is HPE ATP server solutions certification so popular?

With the increased appliance of server technology in the industry, the demand for engineers in this field has raised. Due to this, getting certified validates one’s ability to manage various server management tools and ensures that one eases the time to find a good job. Additionally, this certification acts as the proof of mastery of HPE0-S37 thus showing one’s competency in handling various matters on HPE server products and solutions.

Official reference books

To have an easier time preparing for HPE0-S37 access to course books is of great importance. However, some books available on the market are outdated and thus may provide misguiding or irrelevant information. To avoid investing in such materials, checking the publishing date is a crucial factor. Among the best books for preparation of HPE0-S37 include:

  • HPE ATP – Server Solutions V3 (HPE0-S37 and HPE0-S38) – this book is authored by Renata Golden, an editor in the data center and cloud computing. Due to her real-world skills in the field, the book tackles various topics with a real-world approach and ensures that you have an easy time comprehending issues contained in the exam. The book additionally provides a solid overview of other suitesincluded in the exam thus making you proficient in all areas included in the exam.
  • Microsoft Power BI Cookbook– this book by Brett Powell is among the best-selling Power BI books that have been published most recently. Due to this, you are assured to get current information in order to attain a better score on your exam. It contains a real-world approach to tackle various issues thus arming one with skills for the job market.
  • Analyzing Data with Power BI and Power Pivot for Excel- this has proven to be the best HPE0-S37 course book as it covers all issues tackled in the exam. This book also comes at an affordable price thus assures you savings.

Practice tests

In addition to course books, practice tests aid a lot in grasping of various concepts covered by the exam. These enable you to practice for the exam and test your understanding of different content. However, before investing in any exam ensure that it is up-to-date and has a guarantee. Among the best practice tests on HPE0-S37examyou can find on ExamSnap, ExamCollection, Test-King websites.

HPE0-S37 exam pass tips

Given that HPE0-S37 is a tough exam, it’s not a piece of cake for a candidate toget a prestigious score. To rip the benefits from your hard work, professional’s pieces of advice for you are the following:

  • Cover the coursework fully ensuring that you give each topics ample time, thus wholly covering the course. To do this, have a course outline and set aside adequate time for each issue.
  • Take several practice questions after each topic to test your understanding. If you attain a grade that does not appeal you much, revise the subject ensuring that you thoroughly tackle areas you had not understood well.
  • Join various platforms where you can get help from peers and tutors in order to ease the time to grasp the content covered by the exam.
  • Have access to a lab, either virtual or real-life to implement various skills gained in class. This prepares you for the real world and certificate as well.
  • Use updated exam dumps to save your time during the exam and be aware of what you meet there.


HPE0-S37 exam dumps

Among the most fruitful materials in the preparation of HPE0-S37 exam are dumps. They show you how questions are structured and guide you on how to tackle various questions. However, ensure you thoroughly address the coursework before investing in dumps. To have the best dumps in the market, check some of those provided above.


Having passed HPE0-S37 exam, candidates get prestige and widen career horizons. By following the above guide, you are assured to attain a better score and gain the upper hand with getting jobs in the market. Use the tips mentioned in this article and pass the exam with flying colors.