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How To Play Temple Run 2 on qmobile noir a2

There had been a lot of problem to those people who bought qmobile noir a2 and were shocked at looking at the very low internal storage plus it could not play those heavy games like temple run after a lot of researching i have developed an method to play temple run 2  on qmobile noir a2.

1-Ur qmobile noir a2 must be rooted if not then click on this link to root it

2-install chainfire 3d in ur phone link

3-install temple run 2


open chainfire 3d and allow super user request if it asks2

.install chainfire 3d driver from the menu ur phone will reboot after reboot open chainfire3d

2 3.5       4 5 7

and open default setings and click choose plugin and select quallacom plugin after that open per app open gl setting and

select temple run 2 after that select use default settings mark and press launch and voila temple run 2 running on u

qmobile noir a2 which u never expected.

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