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HTC One Mini VS. Galaxy S4 Mini VS. Sony Xperia ZR comparison

HTC One Mini VS. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini VS. Sony Xperia ZR Specs

Above is the  Comparison between latest mini phones HTC One Mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini & Sony Xperia ZR, with almost same but little different features and with most compact design and little cheap in cost.

Which phone is winner ?

Screen :  HTC one mini and Samsung S4 mini both 4.3″, while Sony Xperia ZR has a 4.5″ display. HTC One mini has 342 ppi,  S4 mini has 256 ppi & Xperia ZR 323 ppi. HTC One Mini Winner.

Processor : Sony Xperia ZR is the winner with 1.5 Quad-core processor while HTC one mini & S4 mini has a dual core processor. 

Ram : Sony Xperia ZR is the winner with 2GB of ram while S4 on 2nd with 1.5GB and One mini 1GB.

Camera : Sony Xperia ZR is the winner with 13mp,  S4 mini 8mp & One mini 4 mp

Storage :  HTC One Mini Winner with 16GB storage while Xperia ZR and S4 mini has 8GB of  internal memory, but memory can be expanded via SD card, HTC One Mini owners will be locked into that 16 GB of storage

Battery : Sony Xperia ZR is the winner 2300mAh while One mini and S4 mini has a lower battery.

Weight / Thickness :  Samsung S4 mini winner ( see spec sheet above )

Price : 

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini=Rs > 48000

  • Sony Xperia ZR=Rs > 55000

  • HTC One mini=Rs ? not available in Paki markets yet but will be above 60K .

 Conclusion :

Sony Xperia ZR with powerful specs and with dust and waterproof features, this might make it a better device for consumers, while Samsung Galaxy S4 is cheaper than Xperia ZR and One mini but its better to spend few bucks more for Sony Xperia ZR.

HTC One mini has the highest price but the most outstanding design, more-powerful sound, and more storage included with the device. Aluminum construction gives a smartphone a more premium feel and look.

So which phone are you planning to buy? HTC One Mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini or Sony Xperia Z / Which do you think is a better value?

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