An Important Note for MTK Rom Porters by ‎Maxwell Angello

In MTK 64 bit devices there are two types of SYTEM.img or SYSTEM folders. The one with lib64 (having one(1) libmtkOmx file) and another with lib64 (having ten(10) libmtkOmx files) Call it minor lib64 and major lib64.
So how is this important for porters??

Well the answer is very simple If you try to replace files (, and,,) and some other few libfiles you will get bootloop when you attempt to crossport between these two systems.



The only safe files you can crossport in lib and lib64 between these two different system folders are and some few files.

The solution to fix this kind of crazy thing is to find a phone that has compatible drivers eg mine TECNO C5 is fully compatible with the Allview E4lite, ZTE BLADE V6 these have major lib64 so I can use them to help me port the camera once I have landed on a ROM having the major lib64 , and the same applies to these devices when they meet a minor lib64

By : Maxwell Angello

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