Once again INCPak Forum is back on the web as we’ve noticed that, Facebook Group wasn’t able to keep up with what we needed. The purpose of having proper forum is to categorize posts and simplify queries to be responded accordingly.

INCPak stands as one of the best Technology , News and Information website where all the teams members interact with visitors and sort out the issues. INCPak Forum ” Facebook Group ” in Last 6 months gained over 4285 Members but the Irony was, once your query goes down it gets lost.

Not only Pakistani members, but from India , Russia , China , Indonesia , UAE , European countries  and USA frequently visits INCPak because we got something for everyone

Facebook Group ” INCPak Forum ” Hence proved to be one of the finest technical support group but over the web options are unlimited,  http://forum.incpak.com ( INCPak Forum ) makes it’s come back after almost a year with the more experienced team and filling almost all the aspects of your virtual world’s need.

What’s News ? 

INCPak Forum is the place you will find solution for almost everything. weather it’s about the Movies / Songs / Media / Windows / Android even Buy or Sell your stuff online. You name it we got it, Obviously no one has been so active as INCPak Team throughout our journey over 2 years this is definitely something you don’t want to miss at any cost.

Got Some problem ? 

simply just log on to http://forum.incpak.com , Sign up there for free, select the category place your query, It will be assisted right-away. One of the best thing is your query will remain there if anyone else came up with the same issue, easily URL will be shared to anyone.  PROBLEM FIXED !!!

INCPak Forum Admins ? 

– Muttahir Aon Syed , Fahim Shaikh , Ali Jee, Jawad Naqvi aka Mango Man, Sir Syed Ahemed Ali Shah and Farhan Imaan F.Abro .

Moderators will be decided according to the categories. So you have something to share with the world ? Software ? App ? Tip & Trick ? Anything worth sharing is allowed.

Rules stays the same.  By Aleem Ashraf

INCPak Forum rules and regulations v1.0

Follow the rules – Forum moderators have full authority to ban any member on violation of any of the following rules.
1. Do not tag/message or send friend request to any moderator.
2. Do not share any page/group/website etc here. ( irrelevant will be deleted ) 
3. Do not make duplicate posts. Wait patiently after posting your queries; do not bump your post before 24 hours of posting.
4. Do not post your queries on others posts. Keep threads relevant
5. Do not turn threads into conversations. Be relevant, save your and others time.
6. Use decent language, discuss logically and respect others.
7. Use only Urdu or English for communication. No other regional or international languages are allowed.
8. Political/religious or posts on sensitive or controversial issues that may spark people’s sentiments are not allowed.
9. General information posts related to “this world” are allowed to be shared here.
10. You are advised to tag admin in spam or any post that violates the forum rules to maintain order.
11. Any post that asks for the removal of INCPak boot logo will be removed along with the member who post and reply to such posts.
12. Anyone who disagrees with the rules, please feel free to leave the forum.
13. Rules are subject to change at any moment.

So what are you waiting for ?  JOIN NOW 

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