INCPak Forums ” INCPak Clinic ” Intro get to know it.

INCPak Introduces ” INCPak Forums also known as INCPak Clinic ” right here on the website, Previously we been replying queries and doing interaction with our members via Facebook and Emails but it was always like replying one thing over and over again.

INCPak Forums

Features one by one :-


1. Facebook Integrated Login

2. Phone / Tablet and PC Responsive View

3. Chat Interaction ( Chat Online ) and Optional Rooms.

4. TAG other members and Like Option

5. Direct What’s new button tells you what’s happening on the Forum

6. Easy Posting method along with images and smileys

7.  Pure Pakistani

8. Direct access and 

9. Get Facebook Notification if logged with FB id.



INCPak Forums are responsive PC / Tablet / Smartphone fully compatible viewing, There are two method to Sign up on INCPak Forums Aka INCPak Clinic.

1. Sign up and make your id at the forum given in the figure below

INCPak Forums


2. Check your Inbox or Spam Mail folder for activation email. Without activation you cannot participate in the forum.

Facebook Integrated so you can even sign up within 1 minute using your Facebook id as well.

INCPak Forums

INCPak Team Admins and Moderators are always replying queries there, like Facebook and Email but this time INCPak is exploring more because and Go Beyond, our work been appreciated by many but this time we reaching out more possibilities, not just to stick up on Qmobiles, We have placed different categories such as Iphone, Nokia , Xbox , Gaming etc..

INCPak Introduces  INCPak Market on the forum where you can place your ad to sell and buy directly this is not just all, there will be Live Chatroom discussion when Moderators are around to interact with users and Forum members can form Chatroom Start Interaction whenever they want.

 INCPak Forum

Credit goes to Ubaid Ur Rehman who made it possible he is the Admin of the forum.




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