INCPak Team proudly announce INCPak Clinic Forum right on the website, Direct URL : We ( INCPak Team ) made this decision to place the forum here instead of Facebook where it was previously running.

INCPak Clinic is specially designed for Technology and Gadget Geeks – Almost 11 months back INCPak started off it’s journey and 4 month back we placed INCPak Troubleshoot LAB later it was changed to INCPak Clinic after keeping in mind what sort of queries are we getting.

There are questions in Group / Forum member on Facebook why did we moved Forum on the website, well here I wanted to make it clear that we want interaction to be done on our site, because INCPak Tech Talks has made it’s own place on the world wide web, representing Pakistan and where unlike any other forum we been constantly exploring Android Technology and Supporting new members by helping them out.

INCPak Clinic is going to deliver the same but this time Interaction will be counted right on the site. Anyone can sign up with Facebook , Google , Twitter or Forum  Login Password. Currently we have made the initial categories on the forum but if you have any suggestion please let us know.

INCPak Tech Talks has gained popularity because of Android Roms specially for Qmobile phones, since they are budget friendly and uptill now INCPak Team has nailed almost all the Android Models, although some may find it difficult to access but Chat on the forum and soon INCPak Clinic android app will be released to make it easier for anyone to access.

Never before in the history Of Pakistan, any site gained the popularity because of something which isn’t the Title, That’s right ” Independent News Coverage Pakistan” Started up as Voice of The People and soon after a month or so additional title ” Empowering Youth ” was added, Infact  INCPak ( News ) and INCPak ( Tech Talks ) logos both define what it we do.

Keeping the Green Theme in mind the forum has been designed and we’ll be deactivating our Facebook Forum within 24 hours, so we encourage everyone to join INCPak Clinic and Bookmark the link for the future, That’s where you will find the help, solution and beyond what’s been explored.

Click Here to get in !

We are determined to represent Pakistan and Empower Youth in every possible way we can, By the graces of Al Mighty Allah we have been successful overall having great team and the members those who support and appreciate our work.

InshaAllah we’ll continue all together on  

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