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I wanted to introduce my Team members who been constantly helping out, May Allah Bless them all. When I started up and changed the line up of my Weblog I  was the only one from Pakistan, but today I am not alone when it comes to Android Blogging and helping others, In Mid September 2012, formed the Page on the Facebook before Independent News Coverage Pakistan launched it’s official Site,

Zahir Tariq who joined Sharing is Caring Facebook Page before he even had the Android phone as beginner and today he is Content Manger and helping others, following the same principles just as I started off.Young man, is studying and paying good attention to all the queries on the Sharing Is Caring Page, May Allah Bless him for being helpful to all.

Sharing Is caring is based on the Philosophy to help other, initially when I started neither I promoted this page nor Advertised but gradually members started joining, today Sharing is Caring family has almost 750 users on the Facebook Page.

The Good and Unique thing about Sharing is Caring Page is that we we all share and care, there hasn’t been any sort of conflicts Political or Religious infact the most of them are referred from my blog.

Faree’s Weblog from where I started my journey to help others, knowing that Android phones won’t be easy for all, since the manuals doesn’t give you summery nor the Qmobile provides any help to the customers online, since, Google Search made it Number #1 blog for the phone search in Pakistan, I been constantly helping others and replying to their queries mostly people think I am related to the phones which is not true, I am humanitarian / Musician and Independent Journalist who is trying his best to Share and Speak !

The concept of Sharing Is caring is the answer that together we can do the things which may seem impossible, Even today on my blog I get the queries and I reply them all with the best of my knowledge and I personally refer them to the Sharing Is Caring Page since now Experts are there, even the members are way better than myself.


Sharing Is Caring Facebook Page has some rules, which are strictly followed on which few even showed No Vote of Confidence ! We don’t allow Roman Urdu there for those who can explain / write / read English, Reason why because we are promoting awareness and encouraging people to interact in English, If Urdu than Type actual Urdu Fonts not the Roman ones.

Salman Zahid, who’s expert in gaming specially , I must say he even guided Zahir Tariq when he entered in Android Race, friendly person and handling life and helping others with the Balance, I appreciate his contribution as being the Content Manager and my friend, He was the first one to be in Favor of Independent News Coverage Pakistan before it Started in November 16th – Site Launched.

Aleem Ashraf is the Admin of the Sharing Is Caring, Initially I started but now the Administration Authority is equally shared with him, Psychology  Student from Hyderabad, Personally yet I haven’t met him but from the way person represent himself on by writing assured me that he is the right candidate who can lead others on Sharing is Caring while It’s been a great working along with his coordination, been very helpful to me even related to INCPak, This world is very strange place, where the people you never knew before becomes close enough than those whom you know already, Sharing is Caring proved me that we all can Share and Care with out any hesitation and why not encourage people to Speak up share and aware the world about the issues and the problem instead of watching on the television join up the new trend.

Badd Ahmad – Known as Kool Ahmad on Sharing is Caring  yet another Young man from Peshawar joined Sharing Is Caring and now content manger, having a little tough time handling his own page but I am sure we all get through such state, least once in our lives, he is so far doing very well indeed, by handing over the the responsibilities in the Hands of the Youth they learn to balance and to their best this how progressive nations suppose to be !

Umm e Soleim First female Content Manger known as ” Cutie Pie “ She is the first one to step ahead and takes the responsibility! Girls should have equal rights as compared to guys, to keep the balance, she’s handling is well, I personally appreciate all for their contribution and helping others, all the members are helpful as well that at times I ask them for help myself !

INCPak is not affiliated with any political organization but itself INCPak intends to help Humanity, since we are non profit organization and we are willing to reach out to help and sort out issues, The site is initially running as the advertisement will be placed here It would be used only to serve the Humanity, by any possible ways.

I believe in Sharing is Caring and I am devoted to extend INCPak since the strategy is not based on personal gains but purely humanitarian basis, Join Sharing is caring and INCPak, You are the Change don’t wait and waste your time, to be a good human serve the humanity in possible way.

Sharing Is Caring Facebook Page 

INCPak  Facebook Page 

Android Operating system is more like never ending story, users keep searching for the links / URLs / apps etc..  He shared this site from where you can download the APK files , Site Link  Android Games Free download. Thanks Zaheer Tariq for sharing this one Sharing Is caring !

May Allah Bless you all.

Farhan Imaan F.Abro

Founder , CEO  INCPak .

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