Indian Officials Sites Hacked Again – POST UPDATED

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED – The Indian Officials Sites started hacking on friday and is still  going on and on UNSTOPPABLE! More Indian sites Hacked…..

Till now more than 1000 sites have been hacked we have given links of hacked  sites. The recently hacked sites links are below .



Hacked by H4$N4!N H4XOR From PHC (P4K!$T4N H4XOR$ CR3W or PAK HAXOR4 CREW )


mirrors 🙂

Pakistani hackers calling themselves “True Cyber Army” defaced 1,059 websites of Indian election bodies which are now showing Election Commission of Pakistan’s web page.The hacked websites include, The hackers warned to launch more attacks on Indian websites if their rivals continued their campaign against Pakistani websites.“If Indian Hackers did not stop attacking Pakistani websites, we have right to fight for the integrity of our homeland,” True Cyber Army said in an email message to The News Last Friday the website of ECP was shut down after an attack by an Indian hacker who identified himself as NIGh7 F0x. The hacker defaced the homepage of ECP website and later compromised its availability.


Congratulations Admin You Are HacKeD 😛
We Hacked You Because some kiddco hackers from your country are countinously attacking our Islamic Sites & Abusing Our Islam On that sites.

gay hind bitches stop Abusing Islam & Stop Defacing Bengladeshi & Pakistani Sites Otherwise we will crush Your cyber space i hope you all know about us we Are BD GREY HAT HACKERS we silent but when we start no buddy can stop us already proved check google more about us you n00bs are nothing just a bunch of n00bs this is the final warning to you if you bitches will not stop then all responsibility will be yours Indian cyber devils & some more n00bras teams next time will be no warning by us we will Enter to your cyber space 😉

Proud To be Pakistani & Part of Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers Team

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