Ahmed Khan Shares a review of Infinix Zero 2 on INCPak Forum, Recently launched became talk of the town – People are searching on the web to know about the device and the performance, so here’s what you need to know about Inifinix Zero 2 .

After using infinix zero 2 for few days here’s my brief review about the device:

1. Looks : Exceptionally light weight and slim. No cheap looks and feels very classy in hands due to stylish kevlar back and metal sides.

2. Hardware : Runs very fast on 2.0 Ghz octacore processor. This is my first mediatek device and I’ve found no difference in normal usage from snapdragon , particularly talking about snapdragon 800 ,which is in my G3. No lag in the device at all. 60% plus ram is always free. Touch and scroll is very good.

3. Software : Android Kitkat 4.4 with xui is skinned version of aosp. Stock dialer, in call ui , sms , settings and contact app is modified from aosp ans good enough. Os is well optimized and doesn’t lag. 5.0 LL is being rolled out. Stock launcher is boring and looks somewhat ugly due to large icons. I’m using Nova prime.

4. Display : HD amoled display with 294ppi was something i expected will be a deal breaker but i was totally wrong. Display is very crisp and sharp without any pixelation. There is a Clear motion in settings and once enabled it plays full hd videos so fluently and clearly that you’ll be totally surprised.

5. Camera : Rear camera works like a charm outdoors and captures very minor details also. Indoor and low lights flash does the magic. Front camera is ideal for excellent selfies. I’ve attached just one random sample as don’t have many at the moment.

6. Battery : 2300 mah sounds very low and initially i also thought same. But after usage I’ve found battery lasts a day easily with wi-fi and 3G. Initial battery drain from 100 to 80% is fast but gets stable afterwards. Sot is 5 hours plus infact it’s close to 6 hours. So battery is not bad imho.

7. Connectivity : WiFi is very strong and catches signals around every corner of the house. Both sim slots supports 3g.

8. Packing : Comes in a very nice packing. Stock earphones are good enough. Haven’t used stock charger yet.

1. No notification LED
2. Non availability of accessories (protectors and cases ) however p8 lite screen protector fits bolt to bolt.
3. Takes more time in charging after 85%.

Camera Result  Infinix Zero 2

Infinix Zero 2

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