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Intel has Launched 4th Generation Core Processors in Pakistan

Intel has Launched 4th Generation Core Processors HASWELL PROCESSOR in Pakistan On Wednesday.

Shaping the coming compute experience, The innovation is accelerated , It has re targeted Silicon Design ,Got New power management Framework & has efficient system design.

It is based on Intel’s leading 22nm micro architecture, Intel has increased 50% battery life in active work loads over the previous generations. Intel says it is the largest generation-over-generation gain in the company’s history, equating to 9 hours of battery life in active workloads for some Ultrabooks based on the new processors, said the company.

The Intel 4th Generation Core Processors is two times faster for the every day computing and it helps systems wake up around eight times faster and allows users to edit and share HD video about 20 times faster, than a similar 4-year-old computer.

Intel 4th Generation laptops have started coming in Pakistan market but it will take a month for a variety of selection.

Branded Laptops such as Lenovo , Dell , Hp , Acer & Sony  are in the process of launching   Intel 4th Generation Processor Laptops which will be available in Pakistan market till the end of July 2013 in Pakistan.

The Best features of the 4th Generation Haswell Processor are :

  • Better screen resolution.
  • Superior Graphics.
  • Collaboration with application developers.
  • Perceptual computing.
  • Multidimensional, multitasking and across interfaces.
  • The all in one device.

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