Apple has rolled out the iOS 8.4.1 which fixes several bugs from version 8.4. However, with this new update, it might also render TaiG’s jailbreak program ineffective.

Jailbreaking is to iPhone what rooting is to Android. It opens up the OS to features that have been locked by the manufacturer. By jailbreaking iPhone, features that were hidden, as it is, can be accessed.

With the update to iOS 8.4.1, TaiG’s new jailbreaking tool might have been rendered ineffective, that is until a workaround can be found anyway. Meanwhile, the latest iOS update has been made to fix bugs that came up with version 8.4. One of the bugs fixed has to do with Apple Music, wherein added music is hidden because it only shows offline music by default. Another fix is for the iCloud Music Library not turning on.

Such fixes are good for those who have not jailbroken their devices, but for those who have used TaiG’s jailbreak tool, this might not be the case. Some have said to skip the update, though the new update might be necessary for future updates. A better alternative would be to wait for an update of TaiG’s jailbreak tool in order to get around version 8.4.1.

A jailbreak team called evasi0n has been working on an 8.4.1. jailbreak, an unofficial version made by the team. An official version might be coming out this month as well. This might be something to look forward to for those who want to jailbreak before the release of iOS 9. Or, users can wait for iOS 9 to come out. Tests are being done to iOS 9 jailbreak. No specific information about it has gone out yet, though reports say that the jailbreak might come out shortly after iOS 9’s release next month.

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