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Is your PC Protected from Viruses…???

There are so many viruses, spyware and Malware infections on the internet, it’s hard to feel safe even just checking your email.  Clicking on one wrong link can cause your computer to start running incredibly slow, lead to losing important files or even cause you to have to re install your operating system. People install antivirus programs to keep their PC away from infections, but there is a problem that if someone has a slow PC then installing an antivirus makes PC more slower as the processes are working in background to protect the PC from virus, so today i will tell u an online antivirus program that will only work when you run it. The antivirus program will not run in background, saving your ram. 🙂

Lets start with the FREE ESET ONLINE SCANNER:

  • download it by clicking on eset online scanner above


  • then it will ask you to download a small file download it then run it.
  • then put check marks like shown in pic and click on start.


  • after the software will start downloading virus updates ( virus signature database)


  • when the virus updates are completed the antivirus program starts scanning for viruses and will automatically clean infected files/application.
  • after the results will be shown. you can also delete files in quarantine.


Anybody can try it but its good users with slow PC others can try its full ESET NOD32 Antivirus program its a superb antivirus program and reduce the chances of re installing the OS .

Note:  don’t delete this app this may help you in future, run this app twice a month . As there is no shortcut of this app you have to make it manually go in c drive  then program files > eset > eset online scanner > online scanner app right click on it then send to desktop create shortcut 



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