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KitKat 4.4.2 for QMobile Noir i9 – TEASER

INCPak yet again, brings you the tasty KitKat 4.4.2 for QMobile Noir i9. YES, True, for i9. Don’t be shocked. This is the result of day and night work of INCPak TEAM. This ROM has been tested rigorously on QMobile Noir i9 for days, now. INCPak always thrives to bring you with wonderful and stable ROMs as much as possible. Our goal is to provide you guys with quality items so that you may also enjoy the world fully. This is an EID GIFT for you guys from INCPak.  Below are the screenshots and further details  of Original KitKat 4.4.2 working on QMobile Noir i9. The ROM will be released after a few days after complete testing and making it safe, for you fellas. Check Out:


Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-19-19 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-19-34 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-19-43 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-19-50 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-21-00 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-21-14 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-21-17 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-21-46  Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-23-09 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-24-38 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-25-09 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-25-36 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-25-47 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-25-51 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-26-05 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-26-32 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-26-43 Screenshot_2014-07-29-22-26-50


REVIEW of Farhan Imaan:

About Kikat … ‪#‎Experience‬

1. Gallery ( Dynamic , shows the video , GIF preview )
2. Smooth Layout , Perfect Fonts
3. Music Gallery Working smooth but tweak like Viper would be  
4. RAM consumption … almost 50% spared after all apps are running apps.
5. Dialer , Notification , very comfortable in usage.
6. GPS working 
7. No Bug found until now…. 4.4.2 Kitkat i9 rocks.
8. Multiple options ( Wallpaper , Widget , Settings ) under one key.
9. Motion Gestures are awesome…



  • Ali Jee – For Testing/Making the flashable zip
  • Syed Ahmed Ali Shah – For Testing this ROM
  • Farhan Imaan Abro – For Testing this ROM
  • Attiq Haroon – For Information

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  1. Any idea when will u release for Qmobile A10 as well ics version.

  2. Can I instal it on Qmobile i5 ROM…???

  3. Can I instal it on Qmobile a10 dual core

  4. AOA.Thanx Ali jee for uploading video .kiya qmobile i9 ma bi bilkul isi trah process karna ha .4.2 to 4.4 upgrade karna kaliya .

  5. I brought this cell week ago, and great to hear that you guys are doing qmobile stuff by providing the upgrade, great work, please mentioned when you guys are going to release this version and please do mention the steps for upgrading, and best thing is about RAM as you mentioned its still 50% after full load.

  6. pleas bro i am use to q mobil noha i9 pleas bto k ya up date kasi hota h kitkat 4.4.2 pleas or ya bhi btao k kb tk mobil use kr to hota h pleas reply my email and moobil number sms pleas and up lord videos this page pleas or pleas bro btao pleas i9 k up date kitkat 4.4.2 ma

  7. Can I have link to A30 kitkat or custom rom???


  9. how can i upgrade my i9 to 4.4.2?????

  10. Ios 7 or android 4.4 on my i9 ?
    Ios 7 would have app store or play store ?
    Will it be possible to uninstall the rom later ?

    • iOS 7 ROM for i9 its Jelly Bean based not Kitkat … Yes you can revert back to your stock any time if you make a back up as instructed

  11. Can u tell me about battery time and is this Original Kit kat and have also Ota updater
    some important ( Ram ) ( Memory Space ) and ( Heat-up )

    • Battery Time is slightly increased, wouldn’t say its much better but its something good than the Q-Cursed-Stock ROM. RAM consumption is decent. Not too much, not too low.

  12. Is ki release date kon si hai

  13. Dear concerns ;
    Are you going to release this rom and when , why is it taking so much time to release this rom if its ready.?

  14. is this rom based on stock rom of i9 i.e jellybean or is this made from orignal kitkat android source

  15. Please include dual sim

  16. please upload this rom.

  17. Sir please release this rom i am waiting since eid. thanks in advance

  18. what is that cast screen option in the drop down menu ?

  19. Pls jaldi raleze karen.time sitting gps lazmi rakhna fia bhai.

  20. Hi, this is good. I have been following this rom leak for mp rio. Good to know that u guys r testing the rom on our i9. Are there any limitations in this rom and are otg functions working?
    Some users have said battery is draining faster, what is your feedback?

    • Overall the phone is working much faster and smoother, currently we have testing this rom, No bugs founds about the battery is doing better as compared to i9 Q stock Rom