KitKat components – Download link and Installation Instruction

Muzaffar Hussainposted to Shared KitKat components, I am sure those of you are interested in digging Kikat 4.4 will definitely gonna love this.

KitKat components

Download the Zip File 
KitKat components

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KitKat components 

Copy each file to “/system/app” and set the permissions correctly (rw-r-r-). Copy to ”/system/lib” set the permissions correctly (rw-r-r-). NOTE: Backup your current files before replacing with these to restore in future. Components:

1.Android 4.4 Launcher (GoogleHome.apk) Once done, pressing home will give you the option to choose the KitKat launcher.

2.Google Now (Velvet.apk) (Rename current file to Velvet.apk.bak before copying.) 3.Google Play Services (PrebuiltGmsCore.apk) 4.Calendar (v201308021) (Works great!) 5.Clock (v3.0.0) Not Tried 6.Email (v1.1.40304) (Works great!) 7.Camera (v2.0.001) 8.Hangouts (v2.0.012) (Works great w/ new SMS messaging capabilities. In that regard, it can replace the stock messaging app. 9.Keep (v2.0.50) (Works great!) 10.Google Keyboard. Not Tried 11.Wallpapers (Tested, confirmed working! Google search works perfectly with this fix. Rename the original to before copying.) All files in a ZIP file (Non flashable)

KitKat components

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