LG adds eye-tracking software to Optimus G Pro !

LG has announced that they will be bringing their truly innovative and advanced eye recognition technology to the Optimus G Pro — and future phones — soon, one that allows for a virtually hands-free video playback.

Dubbed as “Smart Video”, the feature will automatically pause a video if the phone – well, its front camera – detects that you’re getting distracted and that your eyes are wandering away from the screen. The video playback will resume once you look at the screen back.

Samsung calls this “Smart Pause”, and it’s very likely we’ll be seeing it officially unveiled alongside the Galaxy S4 in a few hours.

But back to LG, Smart Video will be arriving on the Optimus G Pro as a Value Pack upgrade starting next month, but it has only been announced for the South Korean market for now. The update will also enable the phone’s Dual Camera feature, which basically lets you take pictures using both front and rear cams at the same time for a “picture-in-picture composition”


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