LG wraps off the world’s first “Quad HD” Smartphone Display

LG has come up with the world’s first Quad HD smartphone display which has the resolution  2560×1440  &  538 pixel density PPI. This makes LG’s smartphone four times higher res than standard HD. It also boasts the highest pixel density of a mobile device.

The panel is a fully fledged Phablet coming in at at 5.5-inches and it is slim too at just 1.21mm – which LG claims makes it the world’s slimmest.

Quad HD

Another key difference is that the LG panel will apparently ‘enable users to enjoy a full view of PC-version web pages at a single glance without image distortion; a contrast to current Full HD displays which only realize 3/4th of a full screen. ‘

LG also claims that even when the screen is enlarged users will be able to see undistorted and sharper text.

LG Display’s Quad HD panel for smartphones realizes clearer images with 4 times more pixels than HD at 1280X720,  thereby reproducing more delicate colors as well as improving contrast and vividness when compared to current mobile displays. This advancement will enable consumers to fully enjoy more life-like and crisp images, and even Blu-ray equivalent video, on their smartphones. The panel also features the highest ppi among current mobile device displays.

Quad HD

In addition, the new Quad HD panel will enable users to enjoy a full view of PC-version web pages at a single glance without image distortion.

“LG Display, which pioneered the high resolution mobile market with introduction of the world’s first Full HD smartphone panel in 2012, again opens new possibilities with the successful application of QHD technology,” said Dr. Byeong-koo Kim, Vice President and Head of LG Display’s IT and Mobile Development Group.

“With this breakthrough, LG Display will continue to raise new standards for mobile resolution and lead the mobile display market.”

Quad HD

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